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“Self Awareness Isn’t His Strong Point Is It”: Hours After Massive Brawl, Tommy Fury Accusing Idris Virgo of Chasing Clout Doesn’t Sit Well With Boxing World

Published 05/14/2023, 3:14 PM EDT

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During the “Misfits 007” card, Tommy Fury was in attendance at the Wembley Arena. Post, the main event, Fury got into the ring to face off against YouTuber turned boxer, KSI. Animosity has been brewing between both fighters for a long time and it ultimately resorted to Fury pushing KSI which caused a big mayhem in the ring. However, that wasn’t the only altercation Fury had at the event. In one of the undercard events, Anthony Taylor fought and defeated YouTuber Salt Papi. As and when the fight got over, Fury was seen to be a part of a massive fight ringside.

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The brawl embarked when a tussle with Idris Virgo escalated. Virgo is a professional boxer and had been a contestant in the “Love Island” reality show, just like Fury. Post the scuffle, Fury responded by asserting that Virgo was merely trying to get attention, to which fans had a strong reaction.

Tommy Fury’s accusation of Idris Virgo leaves fans in a frenzy


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Fury is a household name in the sport. He hails from a known boxing family and recently defeated one of the biggest stars of the sport, Jake Paul. Though Virgo in his own right is quite well-known. However, Fury is of the opinion that the altercation was started by Virgo because he wanted to grab eyeballs at such a big event.

Michael Benson, the boxing journalist, took to Twitter and reported, “Tommy Fury on his brawl with Idris Virgo: “He’s just another bum looking for a payday, that’s all.”


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The fans were quick to make their opinions public. Here are a few intriguing fan reactions:

A fan is of the opinion that Fury is at the top of the chain when it comes to influencer boxing. He stated, “Tommy fury runs this influencer boxing thing”

On the contrary, one fan thinks Fury is not a very self-aware person. He states, “Self awareness isn’t his strong point is it.”

Meanwhile, one fan thinks that the Fury brothers are the biggest draws of the sport. He stated, So true. Tommy and Tyson fury the biggest paydays in boxing”

Another fan reasoned that Fury is an inferior boxer compared to Virgo. He states, “He has a higher record than you brotha”

Lastly, a fan named Danny Rosamond stated, “Another”. The other being Tommy.”

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It is safe to say that the fans had a mixed reaction to the comments made by Fury. Although, Fury is more known, do you think Virgo was trying to “Clout chase”? Share it with us in the comments below.



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