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Shakur Stevenson Reveals He Was Not Well Before Edwin De Los Santos Fight While Expressing Gratitude in a Recent Post

Published 11/21/2023, 9:30 AM EST

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In a bout that promised fireworks, Shakur Stevenson‘s victory in claiming the WBC world lightweight title left a lingering cloud of disappointment over the boxing world. The cheers for the newly crowned champion were drowned out by the chorus of boos and criticism that echoed through the arena in Las Vegas.

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Despite the unanimous decision victory, with judges scoring 115-113 and double 116-112 in favor of Stevenson, the lackluster nature of the performance drew a sharp rebuke from fans and even garnered cold-shoulders from legends Floyd Mayweather, Terence Crawford, and Andre Ward, who were ringside witnesses to the underwhelming affair. Trying to move on from this incident, despite the historical feat, Stevenson uploads a carousel of pictures, expressing his gratitude.

Shakur Stevenson tries to move on


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Shakur Stevenson’s elusive style, a trademark of his, did not captivate the audience this time. The match, instead of presenting a riveting display of skill and strategy, earned the label of ‘boring,’ leaving spectators yearning for the intensity that a championship bout of this caliber should deliver. However, Stevenson is taking this moment to express his gratitude for his blessings in life. He wrote in his recent Instagram post, “So much came wit this life but it is what it is 💙 #3DivisionWorldChamp.” He shared pictures of him with his daughter, a few snaps from backstage of his fight with De Los Santos, and even an image of Floyd Mayweather.

Stevenson also revealed that he wasn’t feeling well before his fight with Edwin De Los Santos. He shared a screen grab of a message he sent someone. In the message, he had written, “Ion feel that good bae but if I gotta jump in my bag and get the win I’m gone do that.”


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Could this be the reason for his unusual performance? When everything is said and done, a win is a win. However, a 3 division championship is no joke, and it is incredibly commendable for such a young boxer to achieve this accolade, seemingly under the weather. Stevenson’s various friends and mentors also recently spoke up about his lackluster performance on fight night.


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Reaction from the greats

Floyd Mayweather, in a blatant show of his disappointment, chose to leave the arena even before Stevenson was awarded the win. Terence Crawford, however, embodying true camaraderie, commented on Stevenson’s post, extending a comforting shoulder. Crawford wrote, “It’s all part of the game, bro! God gives the chosen soldiers tasks that they can carry the most weight on their shoulders. Embrace it and keep bringing greatness. It’s all part of your story.


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The disappointment in the air is palpable, as the narrative of Stevenson’s victory is overshadowed by the critique of his lackluster performance. While the record books may reflect a new WBC world lightweight champion in Shakur Stevenson, the echoes of criticism and disappointment from fans, legends, and even the opponent himself cast a shadow over the celebratory moment. However, with his recent post, it is evident that Stevenson is choosing to look to the future rather than dwell on the past.

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