‘She’s Way More Gangster in Real Life. I Could See Her With a Gold 44 Magnum’: Logan Paul’s Chanel West Coast Laughing Imitation Leaves Recent Podcast Guest Flabbergasted

Published 11/24/2022, 11:53 PM EST

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Popular internet sensation Logan Paul has garnered a massive audience on Youtube. Additionally, he has his own podcast called Impaulsive, to which he has invited a number of well-known guests. Rob Dyrdek, a former professional skateboarder, was a featured guest on a recent episode of the program. As the episode progressed, Paul did an imitation of an MTV star which made Dyrdek laugh out loud. 

Rob Dyrdek had his own TV show named ‘Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory’. The show also featured popular MTV star Chanel West Coast. She also appeared in Dyrdek’s other show named ‘Ridiculousness’. While discussing her, Logan Paul mentioned, “Do you think fantasy factory was as big as it was because of Chanel’s laugh? (Imitates her laugh) Which is like that.”


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The guest started laughing out loud and said, “Its always been this like hate or love type of thing. Half the country like despises it, half the country loves it.”

Paul further went on to say, “I think she’s way more gangster in real life. I could see her with a gold 44 magnum.”

The Ohio native has also made some astonishing remarks about Floyd Mayweather. See what he said in the excerpt that follows.

Logan Paul claims to knock out Floyd Mayweather 

‘The Maverick’ recently won the hearts of fans by fighting the ‘Tribal Chief’ of WWE, Roman Reigns at the Crown Jewel. Despite being a new name in WWE, Paul showcased his fighting prowess during his fight with Reigns. Ultimately, he lost the fight against the current WWE universal champion.

USA Today via Reuters

Unfortunately, he suffered a knee injury during the fight which has come in the way of his January boxing return.  


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However, he recently revealed on a podcast that he feels he is capable of knocking out Floyd Mayweather inside the boxing ring.

He said, “I’m confident I could be the only person to knock out Floyd Mayweather, because I know he’s not gonna knock me out, for a f*cking fact.”


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Paul’s knee injury wouldn’t allow him to make his boxing return in January. However, once he recovers, fans could expect a rematch between him and Mayweather. Until then, share your thoughts about his Chanel West Coast imitation in the comments below. 


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