Ryan Garcia will step into the ring against Gervonta Davis in one of the most anticipated Lightweight bouts of the year. But, this fight was not a smooth sail until its finalization. Numerous hiccups were experienced during the process. But now, the world will finally see these two Lightweight prospects battle it out. Garcia has revealed some details about an odd clause in his contract with Davis. According to the clause, Garcia can’t eat or drink water for three weights to make weight for his fight. As confusing as this sounds, the road to the ring will seemingly not be easy for Garcia.

Recently, in a podcast episode, Ryan Garcia discussed this clause. And the fans are not happy with these findings and have strong reactions to this contractual clause put in by the Baltimore hard-hitter.

No Water for ‘Three Days’…


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In a video posted by Raphousetv on Twitter, Garcia discusses this clause while on a podcast with YouTuber Bradley Martyn. Garcia explained his mindset about the fight and how he wants everything, not bits. He said, “I am here for everything,”

When asked about his clause of not eating and drinking water for three days, ‘KingRy’ responded, “It’s in my contract that they don’t let me drink water or eat food for three days.” He added, “For his [Gervonta] comfortability. And, by taking the match.” Garcia also revealed that if he hadn’t agreed to these conditions. This bout would’ve never happened. This is not the first condition in the contract which favors Gervonta Davis. Ryan Garica also revealed that at first, he had to agree to a catchweight clause. Recently, Garcia had some advice for his fans on how to deal with the past. 

The clash of these Lightweight titans is well-awaited by the boxing world. Both the boxers are one of the best in the weight division and will risk their undefeated records once they step inside the ring. But, the fans can expect excellent and fair fighting from these two boxers. This no food and water clause is drawing strong reactions from fans all over the world.

Fans are not pleased with this information

A user named @teddiebrosevelt believes that this clause should have never been approved.


Another user named @TruckerLerone thinks that this is all just an act by Ryan Garcia.

Meanwhile, @Itsonemore23 called Davis “soft” for making this clause.

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A user named @recruittheboot thinks that this is something agreed upon by both sides to make the fight happen.


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Lastly, a user named @hzyjon believes that Ryan Garcia is a good person if all he is saying is true.


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What are your thoughts on this clause put in Garcia’s contract? And who do you think will prevail in this fight? Let us know in the comments.

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