“So Many Folks Afraid”: Muhammad Ali’s Daughter Laila Ali Educate Fans About Sodium in Their Diet

Published 03/18/2023, 9:46 AM EDT

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Daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali and former female middleweight champion, Laila Ali has long been an advocate for social change. Like her father she also is quite socially and politically active speaking up on issues that affect people both personally as well as address their societal problems. Moreover, she is also part of NGO’s and charities that work towards solving these issues to make the world a better place.

Now, it seems that the former champion is ready to educate people about something that she might be quite familiar with. Being a former professional boxer Ali had to stick to a strict diet and could not indulge herself in anything other than what her diet required. Therefore it is safe to say she knows how diets work. In addition, she also shared a video showing the importance of sodium in diets which has been a controversial take for many.

Renowned dietitian reveals the importance of sodium


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In a video uploaded by renowned dietitian Dave Asprey famous for his Bulletproof Diet, he discussed the importance of sodium. According to him, sodium is very helpful in retaining water and electrolytes in the body. However, people avoid adding salt to their foods making them tired. Asprey added that the body craves salt because it was an essential part of hydration. He then claimed that although Iodized salt was not good for the human body, sea salts or mineral salts help a lot in hydration.

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This video seemed to have ignited the former champion who does know the difference between eating healthy and unhealthy. Moreover, Laila Ali even shared the video on her Instagram story with a message for all her fans.

Laila Ali shares a video showcasing the importance of sodium

The former champion shared the video on her Instagram story. According to her, people were not educated enough on sodium to make informed decisions. This is the reason why she shared the video, to educate people on why sodium is an important mineral.

So many folks  afraid of sodium because they aren’t educated about it” she wrote.


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Ali certainly wants people to know more about minerals and the importance they hold. Moreover, she is also spreading social messages that would only help the masses who can easily be distracted by the misinformation on the internet these days.


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What did you think about Laila Ali sharing a video on the importance of sodium? Let us know in the comments.

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