Soon After $2 Billion NBA Offer News, Floyd Mayweather Drops Another $330,000 on This Luxury Purchase

Published 12/08/2022, 2:47 AM EST

Floyd Mayweather is in a spend-thrift mood. He is finding the best possible ways to invest his money that would give him satisfactory results. His real estate investments and $2 billion NBA team purchase offer are already in the news. Meanwhile, he dropped another $330,000 in a purchase that would certainly bring in some thrill.

It’s not a business deal by which he would try to seek a return in financial form, but the satisfaction this luxury purchase brings in would be amazing.


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What did Floyd Mayweather purchase for $330,000?

The former five-weight division champ’s flamboyant lifestyle is well known. Though he spends a lot on clothes, jewelry, and mansions, his cars are the most talked about thing he owns. While most of us cannot purchase these cars, there is nothing wrong with enjoying and knowing about Mayweather’s enchanting garage full of them.

Per reports, he owns about 100 luxury cars. He often flaunts them in his posts on various social media platform. From Ferraris to Rolls Royce, ‘The Pretty Boy’ has almost every car.

In an Instagram post, Mayweather shared a clip saying, “I have about 100 cars.” Talking about options, he showed off his Las Vegas garage containing 16 cars. Amongst them, 4 were Ferraris, a Mercedes McLaren, a G-Wagon, a Bentley coupe, and five Rolls Royce.

‘Money’ calls them ‘the sweet 16.’

Interestingly, it was his old car collection. Despite owning so many cars, Mayweather’s love for new wheels is still alive.

In his recent purchase, he added an insane Porsche 911 Turbo S. Widening his options; he spent $330K at Art Basel in Miami.


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What are the features of this luxury purchase that caught Mayweather’s eyes?

TMZ has reported that Mayweather has a personal dealer for buying cars named Obi Okeke. The 50-0 boxer always knocks on the latter’s door whenever he needs a special car. This time, he did the same. He connected with Okeke on phone and made a sweet deal in order to purchase a car to get around town.

His new Porsche, often dubbed as ‘Ferrari Killer’ is a menace on the road. The 640 horsepower engine provides a top speed of 205 MPH. It takes only 2.6s to gain a momentum of 60 MPH.


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