“That Fight May Be My Last” – Jamel Herring Hints at Retirement

September 7, 2020 12:24 pm

The WBO junior lightweight champion Jamel Herring recently posted a tweet after his DQ win over challenger Jonathan Oquendo. With this, he reflected on his emotions after the fight and the criticism he received from fans on social media. The tweet came from him while he was sitting in a hospital being treated for his injuries.

Jamel, who retained his title via DQ at the end of the eighth round, was seemingly displeased with the criticism after the fight. He is scheduled to fight Irish boxer Carl Frampton before his contract with Top Rank ends. Unfortunately, Herring believes that it will be his last.

Herring posted out a tweet of him saying, “Sitting in a hospital, alone, while being called out with all sorts of negativity is something else. I’m not angry, I’m not sad, just deep in thought. I will still fulfill my obligations against Frampton, but that fight may be my last. Lost too much time from my family as it is.”

Herring, now (22 – 2, 10 KOs) was hit with repeated headbutts by Oquendo throughout their title fight. One such headbutt in the fifth round caused a cut on his right eye which resulted in blood flow. This severely impaired Herring’s vision, and he decided not to continue after the eighth round.

What’s next for Jamel Herring?

The fans have been divided on the whole issue, with some of them saying that he ‘took the easy way out’ and got ‘lucky’ with the referee’s decision. The others, however, blamed it on Oquendo and his repeated headbutts, claiming they were intentional. According to them, the stoppage didn’t matter as Herring was ‘winning anyway.’

Now Herring will prepare to face Frampton in his next bout. This is most likely set to take place in the undercard of Wilder vs Fury 3, which is targeted for December. According to Herring, this will be his last fight as he believes he needs to spend more time with his family. Will Herring recover completely from this fight in time and be prepared mentally and physically for the Frampton fight? Only time will tell.

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