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“That Rematch Clause Looking Even More Pointless”: Boxing World Reacts as Gervonta Davis Pleads Guilty Before the Ryan Garcia Fight

Published 02/17/2023, 9:00 AM EST

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Boxing is not free from controversies. Boxers, in the past, have had their fair share of controversies outside the ring and sometimes even inside. Being in the public certainly attracts a fair share of controversies. The undefeated lightweight champ Gervonta Davis is considered by many, as the future of the sport. Davis is one of the most famous boxers in the sport right now, with fans worldwide. But, with popularity, he has had his name echoed by numerous controversies over the years. His professional record currently stands at 28 wins with 24 knockouts. Davis has a sentencing ahead of him on May 5th, which has left the fans worried about his potential fight against Ryan Garcia.

Gervonta Davis pleads guilty

In a Tweet, Michael Benson gave the fans insights on Davis’s hit-and-run case. ‘The Tank’ reportedly pleaded guilty to four traffic offenses in his 2020 hit-and-run case. Davis pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of an accident involving bodily injury, running a red light, driving with a void license, and failing to inform about the property damage.


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According to TMZ, Davis hit a pregnant woman in the car. Furthermore, Davis is accused of making eye contact with the woman but not offering assistance. Davis is scheduled for his sentencing on May 5th, after his Garcia fight, and does not threaten the fruition of the fight.

Gervonta Davis has not made any public statement since the news of pleading guilty. But, the former lightweight champion has another hearing ahead of him later this month regarding his getting physical with a woman during a verbal altercation last year.

Fans react to the news

Fans are unhappy with the news and are worried about Tank’s potential fight against Ryan Garcia.

Gizmo is hopeful that the fight will be officially announced soon and that the representatives will be able to stage the fight for April 15.

c_bryson remembers the time Mayweather had sentencing after his fight against Miguel Cotto and was able to win. Bryson wants no excuse from Gervonta if he loses.

Ceasar is worried about the fight not happening and thinks there must be an announcement soon, or it will jeopardize the fight.

Ted is unsure what is holding this fight and it’s only a month left now for the fight.

al believes that Davis getting a charge has just made the fight interesting and the fight will be one for the history books now.


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Daredevil thinks the rematch clause that has been holding off the fight for long looks pointless not.


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Fans are eager to see this duo in one of the best lightweight fights in a long time. There is still no official announcement from either side yet. But when these two meet in the ring, who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments.

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