Is biting someone's ear the new low in relationship disputes, or just a bizarre one-off?

Boxing legend Mike Tyson’s 1997 rematch fight against Evander Holyfield is likely the most controversial bout in boxing. Why? In the third round, while in a clinch, Tyson bit off a chunk of Holyfield’s ear. Years later, a similar incident happened between two lovers, which was disclosed during a reality TV court hearing. Apparently, the two lovers were in a relationship, but they broke up as the plaintiff came to know that the defendant was cheating on her. 

The plaintiff, Francel Ambrose, was on the show Judge Mathis, where he was suing her ex-boyfriend. The plaintiff works at an international barber shop in Jefferson, Detroit, where Audie Jones, the defendant was a regular customer. The two hit it off after a conversation about going to controversial RnB singer R. Kelly’s concert. Although they didn’t get the tickets to the concert, they eventually started dating after that. But their relationship didn’t work out the way they had hoped, and they eventually broke up. But what happened after is what can be considered newsworthy. And it is as convoluted as convoluted gets! 

Why the plaintiff pulled a Mike Tyson move


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Audie Jones claimed that Francel was beating him and even bit him after she discovered that he was cheating on her. She had discovered earlier that a woman, possibly her boyfriend’s ex, used to call Audie very frequently. After the confrontation, Audie had asked Francel to give him 30 days, but even after 30 days, the calls didn’t stop. However, she had sensed that their relationship had changed from what it should have been when the calls stopped.

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Francel presumed that Audie was still cheating on her. So she checked his phone while he was sleeping. After she discovered that he was still cheating, the plaintiff pulled a Mike Tyson move, just like the Evander Holyfield fight, and she bit him. Following that, they got into an argument, and he asked for the keys to the truck that they bought together. Apparently, he got the truck for her, but it was still in Audie’s name. The agreement was that she would get to keep it until it was paid off and it wasn’t fully paid off at the time of the argument. However, Francel said if Audie wanted the truck back, then she wanted her money back as well, which was $2600.

Following this, Audie Jones attempted to snatch the truck keys from her hand and even tried to bite her fingers to get them. He declared that their relationship was over and he wanted his truck back. In his effort to reclaim the vehicle, he damaged her garage, resulting in $1,485 worth of repairs. Since the video was posted to YouTube, users have been sharing their opinions about the altercation between the former couple as well as the Mike Tyson move.      


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Fans fail to understand why people bite 

The memory of the Mike Tyson vs. Evander Holyfield rematch is still very fresh in viewer’s memory. After watching the case from Judge Mathis’ court unfold, people instantly wrote down their thoughts in the comments section. One user wrote with laughing emojis, “The announcer: she turned into Mike Tyson and bit em.”  

One individual was shocked to hear about the biting and wrote, “I will never understand humans that bite, its such strange behavior.” While another similar comment read, “What’s up with the biting?”


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‘Iron Mike’ became irate during the Tyson vs. Holyfield fight when Holyfield head-butted him and the referee failed to call it out. The fact that Tyson had lost their first fight added to his frustration. He was so incensed over this that he bit off a piece of Holyfield’s ear, causing him to leap in agony and bleed profusely. Tyson was consequently declared ineligible to continue the fight. Recalling the incident, one commenter wrote, “Boy she didn’t turn into Mike Tyson unless she bit yours ears clean.”

Another person contended that since biting is a health hazard, the man should have also taken her to court as well. The user wrote, “If she Bit him that’s a Health Hazard n should of Counter sued.” Meanwhile, what do you think about it? Do you think the plaintiff did the right thing by biting her cheating boyfriend? Write down your opinion in the comments below.