‘The Danger is You Could Take Another Man’s Life’: Conor Benn Called for Getting ‘Banned’ After Failing Drug Test for Now Canceled Chris Eubank Jr. Legacy Fight

Published 10/06/2022, 1:04 PM EDT

via Reuters

Former WBA and IBF super-bantamweight champion Carl Frampton recently weighed in on the drama surrounding one of British boxing’s biggest fights. The highly anticipated bout between Chris Eubank Jr. and Conor Benn was recently canceled after Benn failed a drug test. He tested positive for the banned substance clomifene after VADA conducted a test before the fight.

The news was broken to the public by boxing journalist Dan Rafel as he took to Twitter to announce that the fight was off prior to the official announcement.


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Following this, Frampton made his thoughts about what should happen to Benn abundantly clear. In an interview with IFL TV, he called out Benn for failing the drug test and claimed any boxer who fails a test should be banned from the sport.

“If you’re caught with any performance-enhancing drug, you should be banned, like you should be banned for life genuinely,” he said. Moreover, he added that this should not be tolerated in a sport like boxing, where the lives of the athletes are always at risk.

In a sport where I would say the danger is you could take another man’s life, if that happens you know we’ve seen it before it’s horrible and it happened on you know very rare occasions but it has happened before and it’s wrong and just it infuriates me. Genuinely, I just hate it,” he added.


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The British Boxing Board of Control (BBBoC) issued a letter confirming that the fight would not go ahead. However, Benn thinks that the fight will continue as planned, despite his promoter Eddie Hearn announcing that he will not promote the fight with a foreign governing body.

Conor Benn thinks the bout will still go ahead

After failing the VADA drug test, Benn still insisted that he wasn’t violating any rules. In an interview with Matchroom, he claimed that he wasn’t suspended and insisted that the fight will take place.

“I have not committed any violation, I have not been suspended, so as far as I am concerned, the fight is still going ahead,” he said. He also stated that he had been tested by Ukad, which is the governing drug agency in the UK.  “I have signed up to every voluntary anti-doping testing there is under the sun. Throughout my whole career, I am tested and my Ukad tests have come back negative. So I have never had any issues before,” he said.

However, Eddie Hearn announced that he won’t be booking the fight under any commission except for the BBBoC. “Let’s see what today brings but to make one thing clear. I will not be promoting this fight with a foreign commission or alternative governing body on Saturday night,” he wrote in a tweet.


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Both Hearn and Benn will be hoping that they can leverage the BBBoC and make the fight happen. Moreover, Eubanks has also stated that he is ready to take the fight despite the fiasco. This fight will also earn them the biggest purse of their careers, so it’s no surprise that they want the fight to take place.


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Do you think that the fight should go ahead after Benn’s failed test? Let us know in the comments section below.

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