“There Had to Be a 200 lbs Difference”: Stunned Logan Paul Shares His Immediate Reaction to Corinna Kopf’s Friend Getting Knocked Out by Viral Security Guard at a Halloween Party

Published 11/01/2023, 12:44 PM EDT

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In the fast-paced world of live streaming, where content creators are constantly in the spotlight, a recent incident at a Halloween party in Los Angeles has sparked a heated debate about the role of security guards and the consequences of their actions. On the Impaulsive Podcast, Logan Paul and his guest and business partner KSI discussed a shocking altercation involving a popular creator, Jack Doherty, and a fellow partygoer.

The incident began innocently enough, with Doherty approaching fellow content creator Corinna Kopf to invite her onto his stream. However, when she declined his offer, Doherty lashed out with derogatory remarks. This caught the attention of another attendee, who confronted Doherty verbally, defending his friend. What followed was a horrifying display of aggression.

Logan Paul Breaks down the attack at Corinna Kopf’s Party


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Logan Paul and co-host of the podcast, Mike Majlak, discuss Doherty’s massive security guard in length. The security personnel was standing at an imposing height, delivering a punch of unprecedented force. The blow landed squarely on the face of the unsuspecting partygoer, causing him to collapse backward, narrowly avoiding a potentially devastating head injury.

The sheer power of the punch shocked witnesses, including popular influencer Corinna Kopf. The disparity in size between the two individuals involved.I saw a side angle of the punch and this fist. By the way, is a size of a dinner plate. Went five inches past this poor kid’s head. There had to be a 200 lb difference between these two guys and the arm that threw the punch probably weighed 50 lbs itself.”

Furthermore, the Impaulsive gang discusses the incident and raises important questions. Obviously, some creators genuinely require protection due to their massive followings and the potential for overwhelming crowds. However, others seem to employ security as a means to intimidate and provoke confrontations. Undoubtedly, the situation at the Halloween party exemplifies the dangerous consequences of such behavior. A minor disagreement escalated into a violent encounter. “[Doherty] feels like he can just say whatever he wants because he has the backing of these security guards so the kid that ended up getting punched.”

It’s crucial to address the issue of professionalism and responsibility within the streaming industry. Security guards should act as a protective presence without encouraging or participating in aggressive behavior. Undoubtedly, content creators, no matter how popular they are, must be responsible for their actions and the behavior of their security personnel.

Paul Malignaggi reacts to the incident


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Paul Malignaggi, a seasoned boxing veteran known for his straightforward commentary, shared his perspective on the confrontation. Malignaggi, not one to hold back his opinions, didn’t sugarcoat his words. He commended the security team’s prompt response but directed his praise not toward their physical prowess. Instead, toward the male partygoer who, after being knocked out, swiftly regained consciousness. Malignaggi remarked, “That guy got back on his feet quicker than Ryan Garcia. Impressive resilience.”

As the video of this disturbing incident circulates online, it serves as a stark reminder of the real-world consequences that can result from unchecked aggression and the misuse of security personnel.


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The streaming community must prioritize respectful interactions and discourage the escalation of conflicts. Furthermore to ensure that events like the Halloween party punch remain isolated incidents rather than becoming a worrying trend in the industry.

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