“They Do Boil My Blood”: Days After Press-Conference Fiasco, John Fury Reveals the Reason He Lost His Cool

Published 09/02/2023, 8:30 AM EDT

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Since Tommy Fury entered the YouTube boxing scene, his father, John Fury, has actually become more famous than Tommy himself. It’s either because of his harsh comments on various occasions or aggression towards Jake Paul before the Tommy vs. Jake fight. His name has become synonymous with drama, attracting attention from the viewers. But during the recent press conference for the Tommy vs. KSI fight, John’s aggression reached its peak. 

After Tommy ended Jake Paul’s winning streak, YouTube boxing fans pondered who Tommy would face next. And it did not take long as a bout between KSI and Tommy was announced soon afterward. But as the pre-fight press conference commenced on 22 August at Wembley Arena, things took a drastic turn. ‘Gypsy John’ flipped out and flipped the table while on stage. While the atmosphere was full of drama, to begin with, it turned downright chaotic after John’s outburst. Following this fiasco, John appeared in an interview, shedding light on the reason he lost his cool. But what led up to all this?

What did John Fury say about the press conference debacle?


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In an interview with Seconds Out, John stated, “I let kids get in my head and wind me up. It got the better of me as it usually does.” Explaining that KSI and Logan Paul are very good at bringing that side out of him. John claimed, “They do boil my blood.” Later in the interview, upon being asked if they did it on purpose, the Irish boxer answered, “Probably, but me being a touch mad, it works every time.” He further commended KSI and Logan, claiming they are very good at their job. Going as far as to say, “I am just happy to work alongside them.”


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Further into the interview, the Irishman explained, “I was laughing afterward about an hour later when I calmed down.” Moreover, looking at the positive side of the incident, John said, “Well, the show sold out within four hours or so, I believe. I don’t know how true it is.” And according to an X (Twitter) post from Misfits Boxing, it’s true. While no one expected such a humongous reaction from John, KSI definitely had a hand in causing it.

What’s next for KSI if he wins?


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It’s a well-known fact that KSI has been after a fight against Jake Paul for quite some time now. Unfortunately, the fight has not happened yet, and it doesn’t seem to be on the horizon either. So, KSI is considering retirement from boxing after the fight against Fury. In an interview with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, KSI expressed his frustration with skeptics and made known his intentions to retire. His exact words were, “There will always be an excuse. That’s just the game that this is, and that’s why I feel like after Tommy Fury, I might just leave it at that because I’m not going to go chasing this guy.”

World Title Challenger Weighs In On “Delicious ” John Fury Fiasco At Recent Press Conference


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What’s more, when asked about the chances of him actually retiring, he responded, “About eighty percent.” The decision does make sense because KSI is undefeated, and Tommy took down Paul in his last fight. So, even if he cannot fight Jake, he can defeat Tommy and indirectly achieve his original goal. While this is sad news for a lot of his fans, it’s important to remember there is still a twenty percent chance he won’t retire. Besides, KSI will be involved in Misfits Boxing as a promoter and might get called out for a fight, according to an article from MMA Fighting.

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