“They Wanted to Rob Bivol” – Teddy Atlas, Jake & Logan Paul, and Other Pros Share Their Reactions on “Pathetic Scorecard” of Canelo Alvarez vs. Dmitry Bivol

Published 05/09/2022, 6:30 AM EDT

The loss of Canelo Alvarez against Dmitry Bivol upset the boxing fraternity. But what saddened them more was the scorecard by the judges presented at the end of the match.


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Professionals have reacted and criticized the scorings done by the judges. Let’s look at what views they have on the scorecard.


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Professional entities react to the biased scorings of Canelo Alvarez vs. Dmitry Bivol

The final scorings of the fight were given as 115- 113 in favor of Dmitry Bivol. But, the experts thought that the difference in the final score should have been more vast as Alvarez‘s game was not that close to Bivol’s.

Teddy Atlas, who is a famous coach and commentator, put forth his views in his tweet. He wrote, “Well they wanted to rob Bivol by keeping it close but they couldn’t. Fight was not that close. #canelobivol #boxing.”

Some other experts like Michael Montero expressed in a carping way. His tweet suggested that although Bivol won, scorecards were not in favor of him.

He tweeted, “TERRIBLE SCORECARDS. TERRIBLE. Right man won, but TERRIBLE scorecards… Either way, congrats to Dmitry Bivol. What a fantastic performance in a confrontational environment. #CaneloBivol.”

 One of the tweets which made a significant impact was the tweet by ‘The Problem Child‘. Jake Paul openly asked for a change in the method of scoring and tweeted, “This is why boxing scoring needs to be changed.”

Moreover, his elder brother, Logan Paul, didn’t keep silent and also criticized the scorings of the fight. Moreover, he supported Jake paul who is looking to develop boxing.

He wrote, “Canelo was undeniably outboxed & his opponent STILL only won 7 rounds (according to scorecards) boxing is inherently super f*cked up gimmicks aside, its why im so bullish on @jakepaul & the solutions he’s trying to implement for fighter pay & scoring. time for change.”

Logan Paul supported his brother, who entered the business of boxing lately and co-organized one of the most historic events in it.

More professionals discussing the scorecard

Tony Jeffries, a former undefeated professional boxer and Olympic bronze medalist, also shared his view. Jeffries tweeted, “Official scorecards. If Bivol hadn’t won last round would have been a draw. Boxing so dodgy.”

According to Jeffries, the scorecards would have resulted in a draw if Bivol hadn’t won the last round.

 Mike Coppinger tweeted, “Dmitry Bivol won the 12th round on all three scorecards and needed to avoid a draw. Disgusting display from the judges. Never fails in boxing #CaneloBivol.”

These tweets suggest that Bivol had to win the last round at any cost. If he didn’t, then the match would result in a draw stealing away Bivol’s victory from him.

Jack McGuire took a direct dig at the judges present around the ring. He narrated how the judges’ favoritism towards Alvarez.

McGuire tweeted, “Holy sh*t. Every scorecard had Canelo up 40-36 after the first 4 rounds. That’s INSANE. Corruption at the highest level!!!!”

Some other interesting reactions

Where there digs at the judges and the scorecard, Isaac Darko criticized the scorings of the judges and also mocked Canelo Alvarez. He wrote, “115-113 is a pathetic scorecard. Should have been wider. Bivol made Canelo look average. Happens when you fight a man 2x bigger than your size.”

Darko indicated that Alvarez made a mistake by facing the Russian boxer. Subsequently, Bivol dominated Alvarez with his bigger physique.

On the other hand, Robert Littal BSO gave a logical reason for this scoring. According to him, Alvarez wouldn’t be favored with scores favoring him only if he didn’t have a decorated career.

Littal tweeted, “Bivol out landed Canelo in every round and here is MAJOR key he outlanded him in power punches +32. He really dominated the fight. Scorecards were only close because Canelo is A-side.”


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Above all, the scores of the judges did not satisfy the boxing fraternity at T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas. Therefore, they criticized it on social media.


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What are your views on this scoring? Do you think it was a fair one? Let us know your views in the comments below.



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