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“This Dude’s Tryna Kill Me” – Roy Jones Jr Says His Trainer Is Taking Advantage of Him

“This Dude’s Tryna Kill Me” – Roy Jones Jr Says His Trainer Is Taking Advantage of Him

Roy Jones Jr has increased his training to a new level ahead of the Mike Tyson fight. In a video that surfaced online, ‘Captain Hook’ claimed that his trainer is taking advantage of his skills and his speed to have fun. The boxing legend will make his comeback against fellow legend Mike Tyson on November 28, 2020. And two weeks ahead of the fight, Roy Jones Jr is sweating out.

In a video that was posted to WORLDSTARHIPHOP on YouTube, the fighter was seen training. He then had a go at his coach and said, “He takes complete advantage of me”. The 51-year-old added, “This dude’s tryna kill me. He’s got something crazy. See, for him, it’s fun. ‘Cause he ain’t got other fighters that can do this sh*t. You feel me?”

Per this comment, ‘Captain Hook’ is of the belief that he is better than the other fighters under his coach.

Jones Jr continued, “I’m old, but I’m the only one that can do sh*t like this. Ain’t nobody do this sh*t like this. It’s what makes it fun for him. ‘Cause he ain’t got nobody else he can do this sh*t with. He thinks I don’t know, but I know.”

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Roy Jones Jr is looking fit ahead of the fight

In the video, Jones Jr is looking very fit and sharp ahead of the comeback fight. He previously had said that it would be crazy not to train for a fight against one of the hardest punchers the sport has ever seen.’ Captain Hook’ has stuck by these words. He also showed his dismay for the 2-minute rounds, which hinted at the fact that maybe he is fit enough for more.

Roy ones Jr flexes after training
PENSACOLA, FL – MAY 1995: Roy Jones Jr. at a gym in May 1995 in Pensacola, Florida. (Photo by Ronald C. Modra/Getty Images)

The closer this fight gets; the more reasons fans have to get excited about it. The event was met with some skepticism when it was first announced. One of the major questions was regarding the fitness of the two aging fighters. Tyson has already shown how fit he is in his videos. Thus, this fight promises to be a cracking affair despite all the doubts.

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