“This Isn’t How It Works”: Floyd Mayweather’s Bold Call-Out to Featherweight World Champion to Face a 17-Year-Old Doesn’t Sit Well With Fans

Published 08/15/2023, 8:45 AM EDT

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In the unpredictable realm of boxing, every now and then, a statement lands a left hook on public opinion. None hit harder than the recent bombshell dropped by Floyd Mayweather. Imagine a world where a two-time Featherweight champion faces off against a 17-year-old making his pro debut. Sounds odd? Welcome to Mayweather’s vision of an ideal boxing world.

The undefeated legend, known for shaking up conventions, has thrown a curveball. Leigh Wood, the reigning WBA Featherweight champion, finds himself at the heart of this audacious challenge. Mayweather’s proposal is simple yet groundbreaking: Pit the champion Wood against a young prodigy, Curmel Moton. But why? What’s Mayweather’s play?

Floyd Mayweather stands firm: The promise of Moton’s potential


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Boxing aficionados know that Floyd Mayweather never shies away from making waves. So, true to form, he recently took to Twitter, making an audacious proposal. He urged Leigh Wood, the reigning WBA Featherweight world champion, to defend his title against the 17-year-old Mayweather Promotions’ rising star, Curmel Moton. Making it even more tempting, Mayweather is willing to finance the fight for both sides. His confidence in Moton shines through when he declares that the young boxer is destined for greatness.

The Twitter verse, predictably, exploded in response. Kieran, a noted boxing enthusiast, pointed out the complexities of such a match-up. He believes the proposal is not in Wood’s favor, arguing that it’s a no-win situation for the seasoned champ. Why risk a legacy against a rookie, regardless of the rookie’s promise?

Meanwhile, a user named ILoveApples chimed in with a differing viewpoint. They think such a match could be intriguing. Moreover, it would be a remarkable sight: a quality young prospect challenging for a world title in his debut. For Wood, it’s a chance for a hefty payday, and probably in his mind, an easy win. For Moton, it’s an opportunity to etch his name in the annals of boxing history.

Gary Briers, echoing the sentiments of many, believes that if Mayweather’s offer involves a substantial amount of money, Wood should definitely consider it. After all, in the world of boxing, substantial payouts can be as attractive as title belts.

Then there’s Gmane, who couldn’t resist taking a playful jab at British boxing. They cheekily suggested that 17-year-old American prospects are on par with British champions. A bold claim, reflecting the age-old rivalry between American and British boxing standards.

Also, RML? voiced a sentiment echoed by many: that Mayweather might be attempting to redefine the conventions of boxing. Many argue that challenging an experienced champion with a debutant isn’t standard protocol.


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Mayweather’s tweet has undeniably ignited a firestorm of opinions. As the world awaits Wood’s response, one thing is certain: Mayweather knows how to keep boxing interesting. The blending of experience with raw, untested talent is a bold vision for the sport. But the real question is, are fans and fighters ready to embrace such unconventional match-ups?


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So, as the lines between tradition and innovation blur, we must ponder: Do we want boxing to remain tethered to its longstanding practices, or are we ready for a revolution? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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