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“This Sh** Losing Me”- Gervonta Davis Tweets and Deletes a Confusing Message

“This Sh** Losing Me”- Gervonta Davis Tweets and Deletes a Confusing Message

Gervonta Davis and Leo Santa Cruz will bring fans back to the arena when they face each other for the WBA lightweight and WBA super featherweight titles on October 31. The fight has already received global attention, with predictable blockbuster Gate sales this Saturday. However, still-undefeated Gervonta Davis appears vexed before one of the biggest fights of his career.

Although he is ready to put on a show for the fans, ‘The Tank’ has recently tweeted a confusing message that has garnered a lot of eyeballs. Interestingly, Davis has also deleted the tweet, citing more confusion into the mix. That said, ‘The Tank’ and Leo Santa Cruz will battle each other under any circumstances and fight fans can expect an epic title fight.

Is Gervonta Davis unaware of the titles?

While it’s confirmed that the WBA lightweight ad super featherweight title will be at stake, ‘Tank’ took to Twitter and wrote, “This shit losing me, what belts me and Leo fighting for on Saturday.” It could have been a publicity stunt by the WBA lightweight champion. However, a lot of fans got confused by it.

Irrespective of the social media turmoil, Davis vs Santa Cruz is a might-expected matchup. Since it’s also happening amid the live audience,  there are a lot of expectations from the PPV. While it’s a great opportunity for Gervonta Davis to cement himself as a PPV star, Leo Santa Cruz also has a big chance of shocking the world.

If Santa Cruz successfully puts a quell to Davis’s undefeated run, he will become a two-division champion with a pool of megastars awaiting ahead. Thus, he will bring his best game on Saturday. Meanwhile, the ‘Tank’ has been training with Floyd Mayweather for the coming fight and he vows to emerge as the winner.

That said, fight fans are in for an epic clash between two of the best lightweights of the active roster. The result of the fight will also draft the future of the division. The current lightweight roster is one of the most stacked decisions with several world champions and elites. Thus, Garcia vs Davis is one of the few thrillers to entertain the fans ahead.

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