Tim Bradley Jr. Explodes in Fury Over Ryan Garcia’s Vulgar Taunt After Devin Haney Win

Published 04/23/2024, 5:15 PM EDT

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Timothy Bradley Jr. is fired up, and not in a good way. Did you catch his latest rant? It’s all about Ryan Garcia, fresh off his win over Devin Haney. Garcia knocked Haney down three times, yet his victory wasn’t just about the punches. Before the fight, Garcia’s antics and sharp taunts had everyone talking including Bradley who had counted out the California native because of his over-the-top shenanigans. “I’ll kill you,” he shouted during their press conference, stirring the pot.

Remember that whole “Where’s your mom at?” rant? Yeah, that was Garcia. But can we just brush it off as pre-fight hype? Bradley doesn’t think so. The former super lightweight champion sees a clash between Garcia’s proclaimed values and his actions. What do you think? Does Garcia’s behavior fit the champion mold?

Playing to the crowd or true colors?


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After the win, both Ryan Garcia and his father repeatedly lashed out at Bradley for counting them out while laying expletives at the former world champion. Therefore, Tim Bradley Jr. isn’t holding back anymore, and his words pack as much punch as any fighter in the ring. “Let me talk about Ryan Garcia for a minute and why I just despise him. I’m not a fan. I’m just not a fan, bro,” he began, setting the tone for a no-holds-barred critique. Bradley’s main gripe?

“You say and claim Jesus Christ as your Savior and all of this stuff bro, but then in the same system you think that you stand telling somebody to suck your d**k. Like bro, are you kidding me?” Bradley challenged, clearly baffled and annoyed by the contradiction in Garcia’s behavior.


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Moreover, Bradley didn’t shy away from calling out what he sees as the real Ryan Garcia. He believed the fighter isn’t just putting on an act; this is genuinely who he is. “All this stuff that he did lead up a lot of y’all here. ‘Oh he was just playing or ‘he got us and he got me’. That’s the real Ryan Garcia. He ain’t playing us, that’s him, he’s let his guard down, he’s gonna be what he’s gonna be,” stated Bradley clearly miffed by what Ryan Garcia has been putting out these past few months.

What has Ryan Garcia done for the sport?

Bradley continued, He’s just saying this is me. ‘I’m gonna behave this way’. I don’t like it and I don’t have to like it at all period. So that’s why I kind of despise what I don’t like to do”, emphasizing that Garcia’s in-ring persona and pre-fight taunts aren’t just for show—they reveal his true character.


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As far as accomplishments go, Bradley feels Garcia still has a lot to prove. Despite Garcia’s huge following and media hype, Bradley questions his actual impact on the sport. “He has a huge following good for him but as far as the accomplishment in the sport? Come on man, the dude hasn’t done anything in the sport… Now everybody saying you beat Haney, right? And I didn’t think you was gonna beat Haney but it wasn’t on an even playing field. I don’t care what anybody say it wasn’t on an even playing field. I have been in this game 30+ years. I know what the hell I am talking about, he stated, conveying the argument that Garcia’s win against Devin Haney wasn’t legitimate.

Bradley’s final words reflect his deep-seated frustration and disappointment, making it clear that he expects more from athletes at the top of their game. Do Garcia’s actions tarnish his achievements, or are they just part of the modern sports spectacle?


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