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It was the biggest fight of the last two decades. Of course, there was bound to be some controversy involved. Last weekend in Saudi Arabia, Lennox Lewis finally passed the undisputed heavyweight torch to Oleksandr Usyk after the Ukrainian’s fabulous win over former WBC champion Tyson Fury. But! 

After ‘The Cat’ systematically strangled Fury’s hope for undisputed, nearly putting the 6 ft 9 in behemoth on the canvas to win the fight via split decision, a clip of the undefeated Ukrainian from the fight surfaced online. Many alleged Usyk was illegally using an inhaler in between rounds to do god knows what—to cheat? However, things aren’t as simple as they may seem!

Debunking the Mystery of the Mysterious Object


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The clip in question that has been making the rounds on social media, potentially tarnishing Usyk’s achievement, shows Usyk sitting in his corner after the seventh round. Suddenly, one of Usyk’s cornermen swiftly holds an object in front of Usyk’s face, prompting speculation as he leans in, ostensibly inhaling its contents.

Due to the angle of the camera, it’s not quite clear what the object was, resulting in a widespread controversy theory among the masses. However, according to a X post from an MMA journalist, Kristina Avsarkisova, from Europop, the object in question wasn’t an inhaler. Instead, it was, brace for impact, a crucifix. Yep! Usyk is a deeply religious man who tried to gain strength from God’s blessing during the fight by kissing the crucifix. 

Avsarkisova also highlighted what the corner man said to Usyk before the latter kissed the crucifix: “You want the crucifix?” To which, Usyk said yes, and the controversy took hold! In reality, Usyk, along with Fury’s collaboration, created history, something that has become so hard to accomplish in the modern four belt era of boxing. Despite achieving the greatest honor, Usyk stayed humble, which makes him the greatest champion!

Oleksandr Usyk thanks Jesus Christ

After what can only be called a twelve-round battle, the Ukrainian heavyweight made his way to the hospital to get his jaw checked for a fracture. However, as he returned to the venue for the press conference, the cut above his eye stitched, a bruised Usyk made his way to the podium with a smile and his daughter’s favorite toy in his arm. 


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With tears in his eyes, Usyk finally settled to answer the flock of reporters gathered ahead of him on such a ceremonious occasion. Responding to a question about the second scorecard, giving the win to Fury, Usyk said, “No, I don’t worry. I believe I won.” When the question changed to the unforgettable ninth round standing ten count, Fury seemed okay with it.

“I don’t think about it because we have a winner. No knockout, no problem, but for 12 rounds it’s a big drama,” said Usyk. And when asked whether Fury would use their rematch clause, Usyk explained he had been training for the last nine months, as he missed the birthdays of his three children and the birth of another one. 


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At the end, Usyk just seemed thankful as he said, “My focus was only this fight. Now I am happy. I want to go back home, go to my church, pray and say: ‘Jesus thank you,’ because for me and my country it’s a big opportunity.”

With that said, Oleksandr Usyk clearly didn’t cheat against Tyson Fury last weekend in Saudi Arabia. Hopefully, people will appreciate the astronomical achievement Usyk has managed to accomplish when big fights are only made for big money. Did you also think it was an inhaler?