Tyron Woodley Agrees to “Facilitate” the Tattoo-Bet for Jake Paul

Published 09/08/2021, 12:54 AM EDT

After an unsuccessful attempt, Tyron Woodley now wants to have another shot at Jake Paul inside the squared circle. 0-1 as a boxer, the former UFC champion also has an eye for a heavy payday, similar to what he earned in his latest appearance.

Reportedly, Woodley had earned the biggest pay-check of his combat career in the Showtime PPV. That said, it might have urged him to rematch Jake Paul for some predictable reasons. However, Woodley might be too adamant about the chance.

He has agreed to put Jake Paul’s name as a tattoo on his body, a condition that ‘The Problem Child’ confirms the rematch from his end. Although fellow UFC stars and fans have advised Woodley to avoid the offer, ‘The Chosen One’ seems to have made up his mind and is in no mood to take advice.


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Tyron Woodley said, “A new bet was presented, that, in my opinion, superseded the previous bet.”

“That bet said, if you get the tattoo, we can run it back. We both said bet, he said bet, we shook hands. So, that’s the bet I am trying to you know facilitate. And the rematch has to happen, I agree.”

And yeah, if we get the paperwork. Of course, yeah. You motherf*****s have some dumba** tattoos on your body. Hella, dumb and for a nice bag, there’s nobody on this life that’s gonna tell me okay, I would never do that.”


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Tyron Woodley vs Jake Paul- Mismatch continues

A few years back, no one would have envisioned the fight happening. But now a rematch can happen and that too with massive supervision. However, Paul (4-0) has many more options to explore other than Woodley. Despite going unbeaten against the MMA veteran, Paul suffered some tough moments and was almost finished in round 4.


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Now, ‘The Problem Child’ has already received a callout from Tommy Fury and the matchup looks favorable to several people, including Frank Warren. Thus, Jake Paul may not want to risk his undefeated tag against an opponent who he has already beaten.

Furthermore, as Tyron Woodley is no longer with the UFC, ending his run with 4 consecutive losses, boxing can only be his way to continue earning big. He can opt to sign with other MMA promotions, but nothing will fetch him a bigger payday than the boxing ring. Thus, Woodley shall continue aiming for the rematch against Paul.


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Do you think Paul vs Woodley 2 will happen?

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