Tyson Fury Recounts Giving $1,000 Christian Louboutin Shoes to a Homeless Man

January 2, 2021 4:54 pm

The ‘Gypsy King‘ is no less than a brand in combat sports today. He showed the world one of the most electrifying comebacks of the sport in 2018. Over the course of his prolonged boxing career, Tyson Fury has marched his way to the top of the heavyweight division. However, his life away from the squared circle too can be a source of inspiration.

A year ago, Fury interacted with GQ Sports in a fun interview. He shared unusual anecdotes about his life. The ‘Gypsy King’ recalled a moment of giving $1,000 shoes to a homeless man in LA.

He said, “This one time, I was in LA and I saw this homeless guy walking with no shoes on. And the day before, I bought a pair of thousand-dollar Christian Louboutin trainers. And I saw him walking with no shoes on, so I run after him and gave him my shoes.”

Fury is a big-hearted athlete, and he cannot fail to contribute to the well-being of individuals and society. This is predominantly why the ‘Gypsy King’ didn’t give a single thought to give his exorbitant Christian Louboutin training shoes to a homeless individual.

“I walked home my feet was cut and bruised but it was definitely worth it because I have plenty more shoes at home snd that poor guy didn’t have any,” he added.

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Tyson Fury – the humble heavyweight

The above incident is just one of Tyson Fury’s many virtuous deeds. Back when he was about to challenge Deontay Wilder for the first time in 2018, Fury encountered many homeless individuals forced to reside on the streets. After his stunning first fight against the latter, Fury donated his entire $8 million of his purse to charity.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – FEBRUARY 22: Tyson Fury knocks down Deontay Wilder in the fifth round during their Heavyweight bout for Wilder’s WBC and Fury’s lineal heavyweight title on February 22, 2020 at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Furthermore, the ‘Gypsy King’ is associated with Frank Bruno Foundation. He is their brand ambassador to create awareness on mental health and help individuals tackle depression.

Needless to say, Tyson Fury is a staunch champion outside the squared circle too. What did you think of Fury’s generous gesture with regards to the shoes?


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