Tyson Fury’s Kids: Everything You Need to Know About Them

December 29, 2020 9:57 pm

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury is not just an undefeated champion but also a global phenomenon.

His personal life stories regarding his wife, children, mental illness and more have been the centre of talks in the boxing community and have inspired millions.

Fury overcame his personal demons in the most mature way possible and is a prime example of a perfect boxer, a perfect husband and a perfect father.

While we know almost everything about his glittery boxing career, his personal life stories still take a back seat for the casual fans.

Today, we will look at the ‘Gypsy King’s’ heirs for all the fans over the world.

Tyson Fury frequently posts pictures and clips of his family and wife. But he is not someone who keeps his family on the front door.

Tyson Fury- The Champion’s kids

Tyson Fury is married to a woman named Paris, with the couple tying the knot in 2008. They knew each other for a long time and are now parents to five children.

Fury’s family is based in Lancashire, UK and the world champion is a father to two daughters and three sons. The elder daughter Venezuela is 10 years-old and Valencia Aber is just two.

Meanwhile, Fury’s sons have been given similar names. The eldest son Prince Jon James is eight-years-old, Prine Tyson Fury 2 is three-years-old and Prince Adonis Amaziah is just a year old.

In his IFL TV documentary, Fury revealed the reason for giving the same name to his three sons. The WBC champion calls himself the king; hence, his sons should be called Prince until they rightfully make a name of their own.

In an interaction with Guardian, Fury also gave an insight into these names.

Tyson Fury during the post-fight press conference at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas. (Photo by Bradley Collyer/PA Images via Getty Images)

While revealing the story behind his daughter’s name, the unbeaten heavyweight champion said, “One night, while I was sleeping, I thought of Venezuela,”

He added, “My wife is called Paris. I’m Tyson and [gesturing to his son] he’s called Prince John James. If the girl had a normal name it wouldn’t fit in, would it? I wanted to call the boy Patrick, but the wife didn’t want it.”

Fury has a great sense of humour and its evident with his selection of names. It is no surprise why he is one of the most entertaining superstars in the sport today.

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