Tyson Fury’s Wife Says She Created a “Monster”

September 20, 2020 8:38 pm

In a recent interview of British talk-show “Loose Women”, Paris Fury opened up on her life with Tyson Fury. The WBC, Lineal, and The Ring heavyweight champion is married since 11 years. Paris Fury opened up on her ‘proposal’ and how she made him the brash and outspoken personality he is today.

Upon being asked on how Fury proposed to her, she stated, matter-of-factly.

“He never popped the question, no he did not, he was not Mr. Romantic unfortunately. He was telling me about his life’s plan and he was telling me ‘In the future, I’m gonna be a boxing champion’.

“This was when he was 17 and I actually believed boxing was gonna fizzle out with Tyson. And he said, ‘I’m gonna be the English champion, and I’m gonna be the world champion, and then I’m gonna marry you.’ And it was literally just few months into going out.

“And I’ve gotta be truthful I giggled and smile and thought ‘oh you think of me’?

“It wasn’t as romantic as I wanted,” she added cheekily.

Paris Fury on her influence on Tyson Fury’s personality

Talking about how she influenced Fury’s personality, Paris said had some more secrets to divulge.

“Tyson was always more stand-back bit. Obviously confident in his boxing, but other than he was the person that was standing at the back of the room.

“He was always the one that was quieter, and he was always sort of like the follow-along. And he used to stand funny as well, because always being tall, he would just hunch over, and I used to say ‘stand up tall, why’re you like that?’ and like ‘step forward, why’re you being shy’?”

She concluded, “And then I created the monster that is Tyson Fury today.

Who knew the trash-talking fight predicting Tyson Fury was such a shy person back in the day? Well, fans owe Mrs. Fury a big thank you for turning Fury into the charismatic personality that he is today.

However, it is still hard to imagine ‘The Gypsy King’ as a quiet and reserved personality, given how much his brashness features in his fights.

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