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“I’m Always Hungry for a Fight” – UFC Legend Calls out Mike Tyson

“I’m Always Hungry for a Fight” – UFC Legend Calls out Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson

UFC legend Ken Shamrock is the latest addition to the list of MMA fighters who want to fight Mike Tyson. Ever Since Tyson announced his return, everyone is calling him out. From retired boxers to MMA Fighters, everybody wants to help Tyson raise money for charity (or do they?).

A few days ago, UFC veteran Andrei Arlovski put forth his stipulations to fight Tyson. “Pitbull,” said that he would like to face Tyson under hybrid rules, which includes one round of MMA and one round of boxing.

Even 45-year-old Tito Ortiz stated his intentions to fight “Iron Mike” in a “Legend vs Legend” match. While Ortiz loves that matchup, Chael Sonnen begs to differ.

Tito Ortiz calls out Mike Tyson
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“You’re Not Very Smart” – Chael Sonnen Destroys Tito Ortiz for Calling out Mike Tyson

Ken Shamrock is hungry to fight Mike Tyson

Shamrock is a semi-retired professional wrestler and a retired mixed martial artist. His last MMA match took place at Bellator 149, in which he suffered his third consecutive loss. Yet the retired kickboxer claims that he is the perfect opponent for Tyson.

“I’m always hungry to fight,” Shamrock told The Fight Network. “That’s in my DNA. I love doing it, I’ve always loved doing it. At the same time I’ve also got to be smart too, and understand that it has to be something that makes sense if I’m going to get in the ring.

“I’m not going to fight some 27-year-old in his prime. It would be ridiculous for me to do that.

Ken Shamrock

“But if something made sense, I would do it. I love competing. I’ve always loved competing. Someone like Mike Tyson would be a perfect fight for me because it’s something I love doing. I love competing and I love competing against the best, so it’d be a perfect scenario for me.”

Tyson responds to the call-outs

“I don’t really know, but anyone that’s willing to contribute to this charity, they’re welcome to come in and challenge me. I would be open to anyone, I am just having fun looking good, showing off my new body, anything is possible.

“My ego is starting to get elated, but we will see. There are a lot of things to hope for in the future,” Tyson told TMZ Sports.

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