VIDEO: Evander Holyfield Hints at a Huge Comeback in 2021

January 22, 2021 11:59 am

The former heavyweight champion, Evander Holyfield, is gearing up for an unprecedented comeback to the sport. Holyfield, 58, keeps himself super fit with rigorous workouts and informs his fans about the same via his social media.

Recently Holyfield shared an astonishing video on his social handle, wherein he’s seen doing power skipping.

“Getting ready for something big this year,” he wrote.

‘The Real Deal’ retired from the sport after his last fight in 2011. He had one of the most memorable careers in boxing and is cited among the top-tier heavyweights of the world. Ever since his retirement, Holyfield hasn’t distanced himself from the sport entirely.

Even today, almost a decade after his retirement, he balances his training routines alongside boxing workouts to keep himself super-fit and in-shape.

Apart from his workout videos, he makes a lot of content on social awareness to inspire his fans surrounding the globe.

Holyfield has been hinting about a comeback to ring for the past few months. Predominantly the Tyson vs Jones Jr fight inspired many retro boxers to turn towards the sport again, and ‘The Real Deal’ is one of them. The above video and caption are total proof of his anticipated return to the ring.

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Who should Evander Holyfield confront in his return?

The American boxer had numerous bouts to remember in his prolonged boxing run. But, his slugfest with Mike Tyson always topped the fan charts. The duo fought each other twice, wherein both the battles went to Holyfield. However, the rematch between the two wasn’t simply won by ‘The Real Deal’.

In this classic second encounter, almost a quarter of a century ago, the highly controversial ear bite incident took place. As a result, Holyfield claimed the win after Tyson’s disqualification. Despite being 2-0 up, he wants the third fight, and a month back, he shared a picture with ‘Chasing Tyson’ written boldly.

He wrote, “No more chasing. Let’s get in the ring and dance one more time Mike. Time to give the world what they really want to see. #HolyfieldTyson3″

Both Holyfield and Tyson have expressed their interest in taking each other on for the third time, but none of the official signings have taken place for now.

The duo touching gloves with each other for the trilogy will undeniably be a blockbuster event. Not just the old boxing fans, but this fight has the audacity to attract attention from the young boxing enthusiasts as well.

How excited are you for this trilogy? Can this fight shatter Mike Tyson’s previous PPV records?

Prathamesh Singh Chauhan

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