Video of Caleb Plant’s Defence Resurfaces Online and It’s Not Pretty

Published 10/26/2021, 10:54 AM EDT

In less than two weeks, Caleb Plant will face the toughest challenge of his career yet.


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On November 6, the MGM Grand will come alive with cheers, cries, screams, music and bright lights as Plant goes up against Canelo Alvarez for the undisputed super middleweight championship.

Days ahead of this mega-fight, a 25-second clip showing holes in Caleb Plant‘s defense is now making the rounds on the internet. This shows Caleb Truax landing one cross punch and one hook to Plant’s face at two separate points in January 2021.


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While it is evident from the video that Caleb Truax‘s punches did not really have any significant effects on Caleb Plant, it has now raised some suspicion regarding his ability to withstand similar strikes from his next opponent.

Unlike Truax, Canelo Alvarez is a different breed altogether; the Mexican p4p king g can move like a flyweight, capitalize on superior defense, and can hit super fast and super hard.

But can we really draw any logical conclusions from this 25-second video?

Is this video of Caleb Plant’s poor defense misleading?

To put this into perspective, this video is a 25-second compilation of just 3 instances in which Caleb Truax was able to connect effectively and Plant was unable to defend. However, for the average boxing fan, this video could be slightly misleading.

What this video excludes are the 12 straight rounds scored 10-9 each in favor of Caleb Plant. In January, the IBF titlist stepped into the ring with a well-constructed approach and stuck to it throughout the fight.

Against Caleb Truax, Plant used his jab and constant in-and-out footwork to create and maintain distance. He continued with this approach and effectively blocked Truax from entering the pocket.

He used an effective 1-1-2 combination that allowed him to follow up two left jabs with a heavy right cross punch.

As for defense, he switched up between a standard Philly-shell to parrying away Truax’s jabs. His opponent found it difficult to connect as Plant did an incredible job at pushing him out of the pocket and blocking him out.

He landed back-to-back jabs and that allowed him to score higher and land the bigger shots in the fight.

Upon taking a look back at Truax vs Plant fight, it seems this video was intended to simply highlight the few errors in Plant’s approach.

Caleb Plant is used to being downplayed as the underdog

Leading up to this mega super-middleweight clash, Caleb Plant has made it clear that he is not banking on anyone to believe in him. At the recent action-packed press conference, the Tennessee native said –

I don’t need you guys to believe in me when I say what I say. Matter of fact, I want you to keep doing what you’re doing and keep not believing in me because you’re the very reason that I’m here.

You remember what you said Jose Uzcategui was going do to me? You said he was going to dog walk me. And what happened? He got his a** dog walked and he got set on his a** twice,” said Caleb Plant.


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And, he’s not wrong. Before fighting the former IBF champion Jose Uzcategui, many wrote him off. For instance, even CBS’ Brian Campbell doubted him; he said that Plant did not have a promising track record at the time. He said that none of what he had accomplished prior to the Uzcategui fight pointed to the fact that he’d be willing to take that big of a leap.

Once again, he is clearly being marked as the heavy underdog against Canelo Alvarez.


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It is difficult to pick between Canelo’s experience and Plant’s determination; however, one thing is certain – Caleb Plant uses doubt as fuel to achieve great things. The IBF champion will look to create boxing’s biggest upset on November 6.

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