Was Jake Paul Knocked Down Against Tyron Woodley?

Published 08/30/2021, 5:35 PM EDT

Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley finally faced each other in the ring on August 29. This fight looked very different from the YouTube star’s previous bouts against a YouTuber, an NBA athlete, and a wrestling specialist. After eight rounds of nonstop action, Jake Paul was awarded the win via a very close split decision.


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As expected, Tyron Woodley proved to be Paul’s toughest opponent yet. The 39-year-old did not look worn out till the end and could land powerful shots throughout the fight.

Despite showing signs of gassing out in the later rounds, Jake Paul still managed to outpoint his opponent by landing constant jabs and working the body the entire fight.


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Tyron Woodley started off slow, had his guard up, and was trying to assess Paul’s game plan. As his opponent landed few jabs, ‘The Chosen One’ gained confidence and proceeded to land damaging straight jabs.

In round 4, Tyron Woodley pulled off an effective combination (left jab-left jab-right cross) and a sharp overhand right nearly dropped Jake Paul. However, the high ropes around the ring saved the 24-year-old from lying flat on the canvas.

Woodley argued that he actually knocked Paul down in round 4. He added that the referee did not deem Paul to have been saved by the ropes and failed to initiate a mandatory 8-count. If this would have been counted as a knockdown, Woodley could have possibly scored a bit higher.

Did the ropes save Jake Paul against Tyron Woodley?

In a recent post-fight interview with Ariel Helwani, Tyron Woodley shared his thoughts on the fight. He said that he had raised issues regarding the height of the ropes a day before the fight with the commission. He explained he did not want to risk being stuck at the ropes and that is why he maintained center position throughout the fight.

Woodley also pointed out that he had knocked down Jake Paul in round 4 and that if the referee had given him the 8-count, it could have made a lot of difference to Woodley’s game.

It is clear from the fight highlights that the rope definitely saved Paul from dropping to the canvas. The 24-year-old held on to the second rope to balance himself and then used it to get back up. The referee should have picked up on this and should have issued a compulsory 8-count.

The mandatory eight-count is a part of the Unified Rules of Boxing as adopted by the Association of Boxing Commissions. No official statement(s) have been released regarding this and no explanations have been provided for not processing this as an official knockdown.

Both corners believe the scorecards were inaccurate

Tyron Woodley highlighted that he did not agree with the judge’s scorecards. He shared that big names in boxing like Floyd Mayweather, Andre Ward, Chris ‘Primetime’ Colbert personally reached out to him after the fight.

They all said that they thought he won against Jake Paul.

Woodley pointed out that he saw round 4 as a 10-8 score and that he did not understand why the judges scored it differently.

On the other hand, Jake Paul believes that Paul was underscored. ‘The Problem Child’ saw it as a landslide win and not just a split decision win.

Logan Paul recently shared the official judge’s scorecards on his Twitter feed. He said that the sport’s judgment rules need to be revised due to the level of subjectivity at play.

“The subjectivity in boxing is honestly ridiculous & this sport needs an adjustment. I’m looking at the variation in the judge’s scorecards & they’re all vastly different interpretations of the same fight. How is this possible?” said Logan Paul.

Tony Jeffries – “People are just looking for excuses to discredit Jake Paul”

Tony Jeffries is an Olympic medalist boxer,  7-time British & European Champion, creator of ‘Box N Burn’ Academy, and an active trainer. He also shares boxing tips and tricks on his YouTube channel, which has nearly 517,000 subscribers.

The Olympian recently spoke to EssentiallySports and shared his thoughts on the Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley super fight. He believes it was a straight win for the 24-year-old.


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He highlighted that Tyron Woodley’s round 4 knockout is overrated and that it is overshadowing Paul’s actual achievements in the 8-round fight.

Nah it shouldn’t have been a knockdown. 

Any other fight it wouldn’t have been classed as a knockdown or even spoke about as a knockdown. I think people are just looking for excuses to discredit Jake Paul,” said Tony Jeffries.


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What do you think of the Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley super fight?




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