WATCH: 51-Year-Old Roy Jones Jr. Destroys Speed Bag Ahead of Mike Tyson Bout

October 17, 2020 9:02 pm

‘Captain Hook’ Roy Jones Jr., is ready to dance inside the ring with ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson, as they are slated to face each other on November 28 in an eight-round exhibition clash. Being a natural heavyweight, Tyson will come with all the action in the primary rounds.

However, he needs to look for Roy Jones’ defense and skills, or else it can be a terrible night for Tyson. That said Roy Jones Jr., looks sharp ahead of the high-voltage matchup.

The 51-year-old appears comfortable inside the gym, and his hand speed can outpoint many of the active professional boxers. No doubt, Mike Tyson needs to take him seriously, or he will have to pay the price.

Meanwhile, Tyson is also getting ready for an intense matchup and has appeared confident about getting the win. While it’s tough to predict the winner of the fight, fans have already taken their sides in the matchup. To intensify the tale further, Jones has recently dropped his training video, sending the fans into a frenzy.

Speed Kills: Roy Jones Jr. is a speedster

Boxing is not all about power and range. It’s also about rhythm and flow. Thus, several elites call it ‘sweet science. No wonder Roy Jones’Jr. is a master, as he still possesses the same flow at 51.

One of the prime reasons can be his activeness until 2018. Despite hitting the dotage, Jones has fought till 48 years of age and retired while riding a four-fight win streak. He came back to the sport just two years after retirement.

Jones recently flexed his speed on a speed bag. The speed of Jones will intensify the heavyweight matchup. If Tyson doesn’t prepare for Roy’s speed, he can end up in an awful place.

Apart from Tyson vs Jones, the event will see several big matchups. NBA player Nate Robinson vs YouTuber Jake Paul is one of those fights. If you are a true fight fan, there’s no way you can miss out on all the action.

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