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WATCH: 55-Year-Old Mike Tyson Goes Berserk as a Female Fan Gets Too Close

Published 04/30/2022, 6:56 AM EDT

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Mike Tyson is always an attention point for the paparazzi, and thus, the fans and reporters follow him everywhere he steps in. ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson has had some vivid experiences with his fans in the past few days. Recently, he met with an unusual incident with a female fan to which Tyson had a shocking reaction.

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As usual, Tyson entertained his fans, and likewise, he clicked snapshots with them. Suddenly, a female fan did some abnormal hand gesture in front of Tyson’s face, to which Tyson went berserk while clicking the photos.


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Subsequently, Tyson asked the female fan politely to avoid doing such kinds of acts. 

Kid Dynamite didn’t react much to it and continued to click photographs with the fans. However, this was one of the rarest moments when we see Tyson shrieking over something.

The recent controversy between Mike Tyson and his fan

Some past incidences suggest Tyson doesn’t like anyone to invade his personal space.

A recent controversy about Tyson during his flight travel went viral on the internet. The co-passengers witnessed Tyson behaving aggressively over another co-passenger.


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According to the reports, the co-passenger was harassing Tyson during the travel. Moreover, he threw his bottle, which made Tyson go mad at him.

After a long time, Tyson showed his aggressive behavior in public.

When ‘Iron’ showed a heartwarming gesture to his fan

Mike Tyson has been polite with his fans as well. There are incidences where he has proved his kindness to the people. A famous incident at the laughter club melted the heart of fans of Tyson’s kind behavior.

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Tyson was having a good time with his friends at a laughter club. Suddenly, a gunman created anxiety amongst the people seating in the room. 


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He pointed out his gun, to which the crowd was frightened. But on the other, Tyson kept his mind calm. He consoled the gunman by hugging him, which eventually made the environment tranquil.

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Such a gesture from Tyson overwhelmed the crowd present in the room. It also impressed the fans who saw the video on the internet. Well, Tyson shares some epic incidences with his fans. Undoubtedly, he is always in the limelight despite being retired from boxing a long time ago.

Do you know some other incidences where Tyson has interacted unexpectedly with his fans? Let us know in the comments below.



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