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WATCH: A Boxer’s Body Folds in Half After Opponent Lands Deadly Left Hook

Published 01/10/2022, 12:00 PM EST

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Vicious knockouts are nothing new in the sport of boxing. Seeing people get concussed or even die inside the ring is apparently a very predictable sight in the sport. However, a few KOs are way too significant to be forgotten. While pro-boxing and PPV Blockbusters have several such moments to tout, local boxing events often give them a tough call.

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In the era of social media, several of these KOs even get to reach a broader audience. That said, 2022 has already produced some heartbreaking moments in the sport. The official Twitter handle of Johnny Owen Matchstick Man has posted one such highlight-reel knockout to send several fans into a frenzy.


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It’s hard to know who the competing contenders were, or where exactly the fight occurred. But it didn’t lack moments of sheer thrill. As we could see, two boxers engaged each other in punches. Meanwhile, the yellow-gloved contender struck his opponent with a crushing left hand. It put his opponent down horrifically.

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The victim landed on his knee and was instantly out. His teammates jumped in to secure the fighter. Meanwhile, the winner walked around the ring and lauded self-ability in style. It was quite a sight for the fight fans. However, 2022 has begun with an unfortunate death of a 26-year-old boxer in Russia. In the wake of that, several local events shall ensure more medical safety for the boxers. As for the one posted above, it was a fair KO, which was a highlight reel moment.

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The death of Arest Saakyan has saddened the entire fight community. The Russian fighter suffered a horrific 8 round KO loss to Igor Semernin on December 26, 2021. He lost all senses and was taken to a hospital where Saakyan lost his life ten days later in his constant battle in the coma. His sister blamed the referee and fight manager for not stopping the fight at the right time.

Per reports, Saakyan’s sister, Svetlana Petoryan, spoke with REN TV and said, “On the 19th minute… It had been bad… Commentary crew said it should have been stopped at that moment. But no one had halted the contest. They saw he wasn’t in [good] shape. It was obvious the fight should have been stopped because he had been too bad [of shape]. He was out of it at that moment”

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Well, local events shall put more efficiency into hosting safer fights, and that will nourish the sport of boxing alongside bringing more youngsters into the foray of the mainstream audience.



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