WATCH: Canelo Alvarez Tells His Son “It’s Okay if You Cry, Nothing Happens”

Published 10/31/2021, 1:20 PM EDT

Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant are now all set to fight for the undisputed super-middleweight championship. As they make their walk towards the ring on November 6, the MGM Grand in Las Vegas will come alive with cheers, boos, screams, lights, fireworks, and music.


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Ahead of this mega super-middleweight clash, Showtime recently released two episodes of its Canelo-Plant ‘All Access’ series. In the second episode, there was an iconic moment where the p4p king taught his son a very crucial life lesson.

After a brief ‘training’ session with his father, Saúl Adiel Álvarez called out Canelo and said, “Dad! I fell but I didn’t cry”. 


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Canelo Alvarez then looked at his son and taught him a life lesson that he’ll probably remember for the rest of his life.

Well, you’re a boxer. Boxers don’t cry. No, but let me explain something. There are times, when something is hurting, when it’s okay to cry, okay? A lot of times you have to get things out by crying and that’s okay.

You didn’t get hurt and you didn’t need to cry, but if anything ever hurts, if you fall or anything, it’s okay if you cry. Nothing happens,” said Canelo Alvarez.

Boxing’s p4p king remembers the only time he cried in the ring

September 14, 2013, was supposed to be the biggest night of Canelo Alvarez’s 43-fight long career. An hour or two before the final showdown between Alvarez and Floyd Mayweather, chants like  “Vamos, Canelo, vamos! Vamos a ganar! (Let’s go, Canelo, let’s go! We’re going to win!)” could be heard outside Canelo’s locker room.

Per usual, ‘Money’ Mayweather landed crisp jabs, showed smooth footwork, world-class movement, and had a solid ‘Philly Shell’ setup throughout the fight.

After 12 rounds of Floyd’s typical technical dismantling, Canelo faced his first defeat after 42 wins and a long undefeated streak. Mayweather‘s extensive experience and fight IQ overshadowed everything Alvarez had to offer that night.

Ana Maria Barragán, Alvarez’s mother first walked into a locker room full of cheers and praises before the fight. However, post-fight, as she saw her son’s eyes filled with tears with his head down in the ring, she wiped away her own tears by herself sitting in a dark and grim locker room.

Canelo Alvarez turned his tears into gold

After the Floyd fight, the Mexican champ chose to not back down. The champion in Canelo Alvarez allowed him to learn from his mistakes. He would then go on to dominate multiple divisions, dominate some of the best fighters, and to date, remains undefeated.

Seven years after his only career loss, he now sees his loss to Mayweather as a learning curve. Alvarez also learned something even more valuable from that fight- he never wants to taste defeat ever again.

I was 23 years old. It was a very big learning experience for my career at the time. I learned a huge thing, that is, I don’t want to feel the same feeling again, the defeat. So what do you have to do? You have to keep learning, you have to keep on training, and keep winning,said Canelo Alvarez.


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May 8, 2021; Arlington, Texas, USA; Boxer Canelo Alvarez celebrates defeating Billy Joe Saunders during a super middleweight boxing title fight at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Today, he holds titles in four different weight classes – welterweight, middleweight, super-middleweight, and light-heavyweight. Canelo Alvarez is also ranked pound for pound best active boxer by Box Rec, The Ring, BWAA, and TBRB.

Next week, he heads into battle for the undisputed super-middleweight throne against IBF titlist, Caleb Plant. This could be his toughest challenge yet as the stakes are very high in this bout.


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If he wins, he could be boxing’s sixth-ever undisputed champion; however, if Plant defeats him, it could cause a huge dent in Canelo’s reputation and undefeated streak. How do you see this fight playing out next week?

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