WATCH: Controversial Kickboxer Andrew Tate Destroys Jake Paul’s Reality TV Star Girlfriend, Julia Rose, in a Forgotten Video

Published 07/09/2022, 1:30 PM EDT

Combat sports are commonplace to trash talk among fighters. Recently, the rise of the YouTuber-turned-boxer, Jake Paul, has been loved by some and hated by others for his loud mouth and fearlessness. However, some people do clap back at him. Former kickboxer Andrew Tate called out Paul on YouTube.

Tate took a brutal shot at Jake Paul’s girlfriend and model Julia Rose, while he was addressing the YouTuber.


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What did Andrew Tate say to Julia Rose?

Andrew Tate completely roasted Jake Paul in a video calling the YouTuber out. In the video, the kickboxer challenged Paul to a boxing fight even though he has never boxed in his career. Additionally, he went on to take a dig at Jake Paul’s girlfriend Julia Rose.

Tate boasted that he’s been enjoying his life for five years after his retirement from kickboxing and he’s been with many girls in that time. Furthermore, he went on to roast Rose by claiming those girls are much better than the model.


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He said, “I’m a retired old man, five years I have been sitting around smoking cigars and f****** b****** which are better looking than the f****** girl you’re advertising anyway.” It’s not uncommon to see such shots fired by fighters, as Paul is one of the most outspoken fighters currently.

Take a look at Andrew Tate’s kickboxing career


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Andrew Tate started his professional career in 2009 as he won the International Sport Karate Association English light-cruiserweight title by defeating Paul Randall. However, that was just the beginning.

In the same year, the British-American kickboxer defeated Daniel Hughes with a scintillating first-round knockout for the British cruiserweight title. Tate fought his last bout in 2020 in Romania, where he won via first-round knockout as well.


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