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WATCH: Mike Tyson and Jake Paul Excited to Be Involved in the ‘Biggest Fight Ever’

WATCH: Mike Tyson and Jake Paul Excited to Be Involved in the ‘Biggest Fight Ever’

Mike Tyson and Jake Paul are seemingly battening down the hatchets together as they prepare for their respective bouts. The aforementioned stars will fight Roy Jones Jr. and Nate Robinson respectively on a fight card taking place on November 28, 2020. Chiefly, Jake Paul has been training with ‘Iron’ Mike at ‘Tyson Ranch’ and they’re both gearing up for fireworks.

Mike Tyson and Jake Paul can be seen in high spirits when hyping up the upcoming fight card. What’s more, they’re touting the card as the ‘Biggest-Ever’ and while that may be a stretch, there’s certainly a buzz. Fans are longing to see Tyson back in action and Jake Paul is just a natural at the box office.

Mike Tyson and Jake Paul: Fan-favorite attractions

Mike Tyson last competed in the ring all the way back in 2005 when George Bush was still the President of America. The 54-year-old released a few training videos earlier in the year that immediately got fans talking about a return. Moreover, their wish was granted as Tyson announced that he would end a 15-year spell away from the ring and fight Roy Jones Jr.

Jones Jr. is an icon in his own right, and he competed until 2018. Moreover, he believes that he has the tools on his side to triumph over Tyson who’s been out of the game for several years. Despite the fact that he’s 51 himself, there’s no doubt that being the more active fighter will be an advantage.

The addition of Jake Paul to the aforementioned fight card has tapped into the appeal of a whole new market. Paul takes on NBA star Nate Robinson in a bout that has begun pulling in the casual fan base. Although Jake has already competed as a pro in boxing, he still remains deeply rooted in the YouTube community.

His inclusion on fight cards has caused some controversy amongst boxing purists, but there’s no doubt he’s here to stay. Additionally, the increased level of attention he brings to the sport certainly serves as a boost to its overall visibility and reach.

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