Watch: Renowned Actress Trolls Floyd Mayweather to His Face After He Fails to Spell “GOAT” Correctly

Published 09/09/2023, 4:04 PM EDT

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Floyd Mayweather is a polarizing figure. The undefeated boxer had a celebrated career and boasts a perfect record of 50 wins with no defeats. However, he has garnered criticism for his actions outside of the ring. Many of his critics, troll him over his inability to read. It commenced a few years ago when rapper, 50-cent challenged, ‘TBE,’ to read one page of a Harry Potter book.

Thereafter, during his mega-fight against Conor McGregor, the MMA star did not shy away from taking digs at him during the press conference over his alleged inability to read. In a recent turn of events, a renowned actress made fun of Mayweather after the retired boxer failed to spell the word, “GOAT,” correctly. Who is this actress and how did she troll him?

Who trolled Floyd Mayweather and how?


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A video was posted by Rickey Smiley on his YouTube channel which boasts more than 700K subscribers. Smiley, amongst other things, is an American stand-up comedian, television host, and actor.

In the video, he was making fun of Mayweather for spelling the word, “GOAT,” as “GAOT,” while making a pompous claim. He stated, “I get paid to kick a**. I am the best at what I do. Hands down. Capital G. Capital A. Captial O. Captial T.”


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Hearing this, the entire room burst into laughter. However, Hollywood actress and singer, Momma Dee in particular had a witty response. She intentionally spelled the word, “B*tch” as “Bicth,” to troll the boxer. Dee said, “She is a b*tch. B-i-c-t-h.”

It is safe to say that Momma Dee and Smiley cut Mayweather no slack over the misspelled spelling. But are the rumors really true?

Is Mayweather really bothered about his ability to read?


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This narrative of him not being literate has been going on for a long period of time. However, in 2014, the man himself addressed it and claimed that he is literate but does not make a living off it. He stated, “Reading does not define my place in boxing history. Will God not let me in heaven because I didn’t read like a news anchor? Me, myself, I would be perfect at Reading if it was how I made my living and fed my family.”

Mayweather could not be any less bothered about the jokes that come his way. If anything, he is proud of himself and his accolades. However, we are curious to know your thoughts and opinions. What do you make of Mayweather failing to spell, “GOAT,” correctly, and Dee’s reaction to it? Share with us in the comments below.


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