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WATCH: Ryan Garcia Almost Sends YouTuber Jake Paul To The Hospital In A Hilarious Prank

WATCH: Ryan Garcia Almost Sends YouTuber Jake Paul To The Hospital In A Hilarious Prank

Ryan Garcia

YouTuber Jake Paul successfully pranked undefeated boxer, Ryan Garcia, in a viral moment. The star boxer met Jake Paul to film the highly trending ‘Bodyshot’ challenge out in his California mansion. Jake Paul faked a broken rib much to the shock of Ryan Garcia.

The meet-up between the two popular stars occurred when Paul invited ‘KingRy’ to film a segment for social media. Ryan Garcia recently joined YouTube in order to share content pertaining to his life and camp. Jake Paul has an interesting idea of welcoming the 21-year-old boxer to the platform.

Garcia appeared to be genuinely concerned after Jake Paul showed adverse signs upon absorbing the blow. The entire filming crew and associates were in on the elaborate prank. Paul went so far as to arrange an ambulance to legitimize the entire ruse.

Garcia has begun publishing content to his own YouTube channel and has amassed almost 200k subscribers. His content ranges from boxing training vlogs as well as an entire series dedicated to his journey in the sport.

Ryan Garcia: Heavy hitter

Garcia is far from a joke inside the ring. The 21-year-old has accrued 17 knockouts in 20 professional bouts. Not to mention he retained his WBC silver lightweight title in a flashy 1st round finish over Francisco Fonseca. The young boxer is expected to face off against Devin Haney in a bout slated for later in the year.

The Flash’ lives up to his moniker as he’s attributed with having some of the fastest hands in boxing today. Coupled with his unorthodox lateral movement, Ryan Garcia is a tyrant when the starting bell sounds.

Garcia has been coached by his father throughout his amateur days and molded him into the champion he is today. The boxing community is on edge to see the young phenom evolve as he progresses in the sport.

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