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“We Have to Protect Boxers From Themselves”: While Amanda Serrano vs. Danila Ramos Set to Create History, WBC President Refuses to Sanction 12 3-Minute Round Fights for Women’s Boxing

Published 09/07/2023, 8:15 AM EDT

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Women’s boxing has been on a steady rise, with female fighters headlining major events and commanding well-deserved attention from fans and pundits alike. Amanda Serrano, the undisputed Featherweight champion, is gearing up to face Brazil’s Danila Ramos. What makes this bout especially remarkable is that this fight is going to be a 12, 3-minute round match, which is historical for Women’s boxing. Serrano  takes on Ramos on October 27th in Orlando to defend her WBO, WBA and IBF titles,

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This women’s title match will be the first in history since 2007, to have a duration as long as the men’s title fight. Mauricio Sulaiman, President of the World Boxing Council (WBC), has something else to say about the matter in question.

The 3-minute round debate: Amanda Serrano vs. Danila Ramos


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In the interview, Mauricio firmly stood by the WBC’s decision not to sanction 3-minute rounds for women’s boxing, citing thorough research and medical evidence as the basis for his stance. He emphasized the significant physiological differences between men and women, highlighting the unique challenges women face. 

However, Chris pointed out that other opinions exist in the medical field, considering the risk of 3-minute rounds to be negligible, and the WBC may not be aware of these views. He also urged the WBC to look into these claims and wonders why they haven’t already.


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Mauricio though remains assertive of the WBC’s stance and claims that the WBC is open to discussion and remains open to any petitions or medical research that could change their position. He also stressed that till then, the WBC’s main concern is the boxers’ safety, no matter the popularity. The rules are set to “ Protect the boxers from themselves”

The debate took an interesting turn when Chris Mannix brought up the case of Amanda Serrano, the Undisputed champion at 126, and a formidable puncher in women’s boxing. Chris argued that Serrano and other fighters believed that 3-minute rounds could lead to more knockouts, which in turn would boost the appeal of women’s boxing. He cited examples where an extra minute in a round could have resulted in knockouts, increasing excitement for fans.

The WBC’s Stance on Boxers’ Wellbeing

The president of the WBC however, dismissed that speculation, maintaining that it remains just that, speculation. There is no solid evidence that an extra minute would increase viewership and change the perception of women’s boxing. He stood on firm ground and stressed the fact that the WBC is not going to upend the rule book just for the off chance of the speculation being veristic. 


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Throughout the discussion, it became evident that both sides had valid points to consider. That said, Amanda Serrano and Danila Ramos are well on their way to making history. Although they are rivals in the game, as women, they unite as allies.

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Mauricio’s claim of women being impeded by their physical differences is an old wives’ tale. According to World Boxing News Amanda Serrano and many other notable female boxers have spoken out, denouncing inequality in the sport. It should be noted that MMA for women has the same time and rounds as martial arts for men. 


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While we await the historical match between Serrano And Ramos, we also wait to see if the WBC makes any reform to its rulebook. What are your thoughts on bringing the minute mark up? Does it pose a serious threat to the well-being of the contender? Comment with your opinions below!

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