“We’re Making Money for You”: Amid Ongoing Feud, Ryan Garcia’s Father Gives Stern Reality Check to Oscar De La Hoya

Published 12/25/2023, 1:29 PM EST

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In the middle of the ongoing feud between Ryan Garcia and his promoter, Oscar De La Hoya, Ryan’s father, Henry Garcia, has stepped in with an opinion of his own. The promoter and boxer duo are involved in an ongoing lawsuit regarding Ryan’s contract with Golden Boy Promotions. The whole thing began when ‘King Ry’ suffered his first career defeat at the hands of Gervonta Davis

‘Golden Boy’ had failed to appear after the fight to support Garcia, which prompted the Victorville native to call him out publicly. Since the incident, Ryan has been looking for a way to exit the promotion, leading to Oscar suing his own fighter. What’s more, the pair have clashed heads several times since their feud began including before his recent fight with Oscar Duarte. However, now Ryan’s father has gotten involved, holding a mirror to the retired boxer. 

Henry Garcia corrects Mario Lopez about Oscar De La Hoya


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During an interview with Punsh Drunk Boxing, the host asked Henry about what could resolve the drama between Ryan and De La Hoya. Ryan’s father responded by claiming Oscar needed to visit a church, claiming that was the only resolution. He then suggested Oscar should listen to his fighters because they are the ones making him money. 

Henry then diverted his attention to what Mario Lopez said during his 3 Knockdown Rule podcast about Oscar, making Garcia and Canelo Álvarez a lot of money. Ryan’s father suggested that Oscar wasn’t the only one who made the fight or made all that money. He claimed several people, including Ryan, made the fight possible. Henry especially emphasized that the fight would not have been possible without Al Haymon and Lupe Valencia, Garcia’s lawyer and advisor. 

“He needs to go to church, brother. That’s the only solution I know…Listen to your fighters, man. C’mon. You’re a promoter. We’re making money for you…Mario Lopez says, ‘I can’t believe that he [Oscar] made so much money for Canelo, he made so much money for Ryan.’ We made the fight happen. Not just De La Hoya. We all did. Al Haymon. You had DAZN involved, you had Showtime involved, you had Golden Boy involved, then you had the teams, Tank’s team involved, with [Leonard] Ellerbe, Ryan Garcia, and his team, with Lupe Valencia. So, don’t say it’s Oscar…If it wasn’t for Al Haymon and Lupe, there wouldn’t have been a fight. And you can quote me on that,” said Henry Garcia. Meanwhile, Eddie Hearn has also given his two cents about the feud between Oscar and Ryan.

Eddie Hearn on Oscar and Ryan Garcia: The most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen

Not so long ago, Garcia took on and won the fight against Oscar Duarte. However, during the press conference for the fight, Gracia openly spoke about his strained relationship with his promoter. Meanwhile, ‘Golden Boy’ was standing behind him with a tense look on his face, hearing what Ryan had to say. Later, the boxing promoter tweeted, showing concern about Ryan’s mental health.


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Eddie Hearn, who has exchanged words with Oscar in the past, claimed, “It was definitely the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen.” He highlighted that Ryan is Oscar’s starfighter and proceeded to compare him to Anthony Joshua. “That is really like me standing behind Anthony Joshua at a press conference [making all sorts of faces], and then tweeting 48 hours before his fight, saying that I’m concerned about the mental health,” said Hearn.


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While the feud between Garcia and Oscar doesn’t seem to have a clear resolution, Garcia’s father suggested Oscar should treat his fighters better. The same was said earlier by Eddie Hearn, who criticized Oscar for his tweet about Garcia’s mental health. However, the bigger question is – who do you think is on the right?

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