What Is the Size of Mike Tyson’s Hands?

Published 01/09/2022, 1:00 PM EST
UNITED STATES – AUGUST 19: Las Vegas; Mike TYSON (USA) – Peter MC NEEZY (Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images)

Mike Tyson has scripted some of the best highlight-reel knockouts in the history of boxing with his legendary pair of fists. From vicious uppercuts, body shots to left cross hooks, ‘Iron’ Mike relied on one perfect punch to put his opponents to sleep for several years. He suffered scratchy defeats in some of the biggest nights of his career. However, ‘Iron’ Mike never fell short on his lion-heart, producing uncountable moments of thrill in the sport.


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At the age of 54, his fists laced up the professional boxing gloves once again when ‘Iron’ took on former two-division champion Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition in November 2020. That said, the former heavyweight champion has been renowned for his sheer physical features.


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From his intense body transformation to his impeccable physique, Tyson has spun many headlines for the fitness maniacs. But his fists remain the unknown factor amongst the others. 5 feet 6 inches tall, Tyson wasn’t the biggest man in his division.


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However, he could become one of the best amongst the giants, which certifies how deadly of a puncher a prime Mike Tyson was. While boxing is a game of whole-body movement, fists arguably play the most pivotal role. Here’s a look at Mike Tyson’s hands.

Does Mike Tyson have the most dangerous hands?

In a career of 50 wins, 6 losses, and 2 NCs, Tyson holds 44 KOs. It’s clear he possessed one of the finest hands back in his days. Tyson’s knockouts are used as a blueprint of success by several youngsters and will continue to be a historic part of the sport of pugilism.

LAS VEGAS – MARCH 16: Mike Tyson boxes Frank Bruno at the MGM Grand on March 16, 1996 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tyson defeated Bruno in round 3 with a TKO. (Photo by Focus on Sport via Getty Images)

Besides power, Tyson also had good footwork, which allowed him to throw combinations. He always used to attack his opponent’s body before going for the head. And that came from his sheer fight IQ, alongside the monstrous power of feeding any man to the canvas.

Does Mike Tyson have bigger hands than a normal human?

It’s hard to locate the exact size of Tyson’s hands, as no credible source puts the information to foray. But Tyson’s hands have also helped him in defense apart from attacking his opponents. Tyson applied the peek-a-boo style for several years in the ring, which demanded complete use of his hands.

While closing distance with his opponents, Mike Tyson used to guard his face with both hands. He also used to put his head down, making it harder for the opponents to attack. This might have made his hands look bigger than usual, as Tyson’s entire face came under his fists’ protection. Nevertheless, it was just his brilliant technique of applying fists before his face that caused a whirlwind of excitement in the heavyweight division.

‘Iron’s’ fists became large than life in big screens


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Mike Tyson has appeared in several films over the years across different countries. His legendary power has also been sampled several times. While ‘Hang Over’ portrayed Tyson knocking out actor Ed Helms in a hilarious scene, Tyson also threw hands with Donnie Yen.

Tyson and the Hongkong martial artist shared screens in the 2015 movie IP Man 3, which showcased Tyson to have vicious power in his fists. Tyson danced around with Donnie Yen and offered a brilliant cinematic scene of action.


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Even today, people continue to discuss Tyson’s impeccable power. From the sports community to the movie universe, ‘Iron’ made his mark with his charismatic personality to become one of the biggest superstars in the world.

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