An uncomfortable boxing scene from Africa buzzed the internet on Sunday. The clip captured a rare unbelievable scary incident of the fight between Simiso Buthelezi and Siphesihle Mntungwa.


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According to reports, the undefeated Simiso Buthelezi stepped inside the ring against Siphesihle Mntungwa at the Greyville Convention Centre in Durban, South Africa, for the WBF African Lightweight title.

The fight began, as usual, and the pair began exchanging blows to claim the title. In round 10, Buthelezi charged at his opponent, pushing the latter on the ropes. While stepping back, Mntungwa caught the chin of Buthelezi with a hard jab, which produced a horrifying effect on the brain of Buthelezi as he went out of his senses.

When the referee intervened and pushed the fighters to continue in the middle of the ring, Buthelezi began throwing punches in the air in the opposite direction of his opponent. He continued this until he approached an empty corner in an unconscious state.

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Immediately, the referee stopped the fight leading to the victory of Mutungwa. However, later the video of Buthelezi throwing punches in the air circulated on the internet and caught the attention of people.

One fan wrote, “What on earth has happened.”

Certainly, it was a terrifying clip that bamboozled the boxing fraternity.

Few fans reacted to the out of senses clip of Buthelezi

After the fight was over, the winner started celebrating it. However, it did not sit well with a fan. He wrote, “Why would you celebrate that “win”?

According to another fan, Buthelezi was sleeping while standing.

Another fan added that the short jab of the opponent caused something inside the brain of the fighter, Buthelezi, who seemingly lost all his senses.

Another fan termed the whole incident to be rather scary.

Another fan added this entire incident with the hot weather conditions of Africa.

Another fan termed the incident as terrifying and wrote, “This is why I don’t denigrate any person who steps in the ring. I hope my bro is alright.”

Another fan admitted that he has never seen such a thing before. Certainly, how could someone witness this because it is one of the rarest incidents in boxing.

Another fan criticized African boxing.


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These were the fan’s reactions to the rare clip boxing clip. What do you think of this? Let us know in the comments below.

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