While Admitting Lines Have Been “Crossed”, Jake Paul Brands Dillon Danis As “Puppet” Amid Older Brother’s Ugly Beef

Published 09/07/2023, 2:29 PM EDT

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Logan Paul and Dillion Danis are engaging in a hostile tussle online on a daily basis. Their animosity was evident prior to the bout being official on October 14. However, their back and forth has taken an ugly venomous route. The Bellator fighter, on Twitter, is constantly taking digs at his fiancee: Nina Agal. Meanwhile, ‘The Maverick,’ attempted to stir up some insults about his opponent’s mother.

Amidst this debacle, Jake Paul weighed in on the situation. According to him, Danis has pushed the limits a bit too far when it comes to trash-talking. At the same time, he tagged him as a “puppet,”—but why? Let’s find out.

Why did Jake Paul call Dillion Danis a “Puppet”?


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A couple of years ago, Danis himself was supposed to face ‘The Problem Child.’ However, the fight did not come to fruition but there was no love lost between them. Needless to say, in this contest, his animosity towards the 30-year-old will not allow him to support him, and most importantly, Logan Paul is his brother. When asked about the lead-up to his brother’s next fight, he admitted that Danis “Crossed the line,”  by insulting and attacking Agdal.

In an Interview with TMZ Sports, he stated, “Yeah look there is something there are lines that have been crossed. Like mortally, picking on an innocent girl, who has no involvement technically in the fight. But at the same time it is the fight game and all is fair in love and war.”


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In addition, Paul credited Danis’ ability to promote the fight and revealed that to be the reason why his older brother decided to fight him. He added, “My brother could have fought anybody. He picks this kid who he knows is going to make the fight massive and right now everybody wants to see the fight because of the things that are being said. All the pay-per-view is going directly into my brother’s pocket. And that’s why Dillon was picked. At the end of the day, Dillon is a puppet. “

Paul’s assessment of their back and forth is multi-faceted, to say the least. However, let’s take a look at his opinions on Danis as an individual.


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“Kid is on a rampage”: Jake Paul gets candid about Danis’ behavior

Danis is in many regards  a controversial personality. This has not been the first instance when he has trolled someone to a questionable degree. While recalling the post-fight brawl at UFC 299, Paul made certain remarks about Danis and his behavior. In the same interview, he stated, “The kid is on a rampage, he’s the one that made Khabib jump out the ring to jump on top of him so he clearly makes the things super personal.”


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It is safe to say that Paul is no fan of Danis and neither is the 30-year-old a fan of him. Moreover, there is a section of the boxing fraternity that does not mind Danis and his behavior. If anything, they are entertained. So we are curious to know, do you think he has crossed the “line”? Share with us your opinions in the comments below.

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