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Who Is Stefi Cohen, and How Is She Rattling the Boxing World?

Published 09/20/2021, 12:19 PM EDT

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Stefi Cohen is one of the latest athletes to crossover to the boxing ring, grabbing fans’ attention. While celebrity boxing and MMA fighters embracing the squared circle have become a common phenomenon in recent times, Cohen stole a portion of the spotlight with her second in-ring appearance on September 18 in Dubai, UAE.

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Having fought two opponents, Stefi Cohen is 1-0-1 as a boxer. However, she isn’t new to the athletic world. Before becoming a pugilist, Stefi Cohen had tried different things in her life, becoming one of the most successful powerlifters of all time.


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Boasting a million followers on Instagram, Cohen has also been a podcast host, author, and physiotherapist. Hence, entering the boxing ring could have been a decision that came out of her desire to compete. Cohen has held the powerlifting title 25 times, setting it a world record. This impeccable achievement has turned her into a global figure.

Meanwhile, the former powerlifter has also invested a lot into building her social media profile. Presently, Cohen is a YouTuber and also has several online courses on fitness. Her link tree reflects her active lifestyle. Hence, it’s clear that Stefi Cohen has found several ways of increasing her bank account.

The 28-year-old has also collaborated with several brands to introduce her own fitness supplements. As it was within the realm of possibility that she could become the face of the fitness world, a transition to the ropes was certainly beneficial. Now the powerlifter is making even bigger moves in the world of combat. Here’s a look at Cohen’s in-ring career.

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The other side of Stefi Cohen

She debuted against Haidde Zapa in June and scored a sensational TKO win. The victory brought her to the center of the spotlight, and many people wanted to see her continue boxing. However, her second appearance in the undercard of Bjornsson vs Larratt turned out to be a draw. Going up against Marcela Nieto, who already had a 2-fight experience, Cohen could bring in her best side.


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However, it wasn’t enough to seal the win. Both women had a full-length fight of 4 rounds, paving the path for a potential rematch. With these fights, she managed to turn heads, and she can continue to relish the stardom, which also calls for an official confirmation regarding her third fight?


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