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Boxing fans anticipate Canelo Alvarez’s homecoming bout against Britain’s John Ryder on May 6 in Guadalajara, Mexico. The sport has been ruled by the pound-for-pound king for years, and excitement for his forthcoming fight is high. Canelo’s promoter, Eddie Hearn, recently uploaded a video from the Mexican superstar’s training camp to Instagram, leaving fans wondering who he might face next.

Despite Canelo’s widespread recognition as ‘the face of boxing’, certain enthusiasts are expressing doubt over his selection of rivals, pondering whether they are sufficiently arduous. His triumphs over reputable fighters like Billy Joe Saunders and Caleb Plant attest to his boxing acumen, yet some supporters crave a more formidable challenger.

Fans weigh in: Is Canelo Alvarez ‘the face of boxing’?

Eddie Hearn, a well-known British boxing promoter, has recently taken to Instagram to share a video of Canelo Alvarez training in his camp ahead of his homecoming bout against John Ryder. While many fans were excited to see the Mexican boxer training hard for his upcoming fight, others had mixed reactions.

Hearn’s caption on the post reads, “Camp complete… 6 days before @canelo homecoming in Guadalajara live on @daznboxing #CaneloRyder 🇲🇽🇬🇧”. This post sparked a variety of reactions from boxing fans on social media.


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One boxing fan, voiced his frustration with Canelo’s opponent, saying, “Should fight a Big name Who the Hell is he Fighting.????” Andrew Torres, another boxing enthusiast, expressed his opinion on Canelo’s status as ‘the face of boxing’, saying, “Everyone keeps saying ‘the face of boxing’ in regards to Canelo/Tank… not that I believe in such a thing. But if boxing had a face it would be that of the Great Muhammad Ali. No one is more synonymous with boxing than Ali. Case closed, so stop being little IG groupies.”

One user praised the match as a good comeback fight for Canelo before rematching with Bivol. They said, “Good comeback fight for Canelo then the rematch with Bivol. I live this fight it’s dangerous 🥊.” Alcransito, a fan of Canelo, declared ‘Cinnamon’ ‘the face of boxing’, saying, “Face of Boxing until he retires.” 

Lastly, a user named Salsantos compared Canelo to Tank and declared him the face of boxing, saying, “Tank the face of PBC, CANLEO THE FACE OF BOXING !!! P4P👑” 

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In conclusion, the boxing world is eagerly anticipating Canelo Alvarez’s upcoming homecoming bout in Guadalajara. While some fans are critical of his opponent, others believe it is a good comeback fight for the Mexican superstar. So, are you excited to see Canelo back in action? Who do you believe is the current ‘face of boxing’? Let us know in the comments below.