Why Does Mike Tyson Refuse to Support Caleb Plant Against Canelo Alvarez?

Published 11/05/2021, 5:12 PM EDT
NEW YORK – JANUARY 22: (FILE PHOTO) Boxer Mike Tyson, bleeding from the forehead, yells at reporters at a news conference announcing the upcoming Las Vegas fight between Tyson and heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis January 22, 2002 in New York, NY. Tyson was arrested after a brawl with two men outside a Brooklyn hotel June 21, 2003 in New York City. He has been charged with assault and disorderly conduct. Tyson, said to have amassed a $300 million fortune, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection August 1, 2003 in New York City. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant are now hours away from finally clashing for the the super middleweight throne. This mega fight will present boxing’s sixth-ever undisputed champion as well. Clearly, the stakes are very high here and both champions are daring to put everything on the line to achieve eternal boxing greatness.


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The boxing world has seen Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez go up against some of the toughest fighters across multiple divisions and prove doubters wrong time and time again. Naturally, the fighter from Ashville City, Tennessee is the heavy underdog coming into this 12-round championship clash.


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And, Caleb Plant is well aware that the odds are stacked against him. At both press conferences, he has reminded the crowds that doubt fuels him even more.

I know only one thing better than proving people right, and that’s proving people wrong,” said Caleb Plant.

However, among his MGM Grand-full of doubters, there is one legend of the sport that refuses to give Plant even the slightest chance at beating Canelo – Mike Tyson.

Mike Tyson sees no silver lining for Plant against Canelo

On multiple Hotboxin podcast episodes, Mike Tyson has reiterated his prediction for the Canelo vs Plant mega super-middleweight clash. He strongly believes the division’s unified champion and boxing’s p4p king will prove once again why he is the best in the sport right now.

Tyson does not believe Plant has what it takes to go up against Alvarez. He simply refuses to give the IBF champion even the slightest chance at beating the Mexican champ.

MOSCOW, RUSSIA NOVEMBER 28, 2017: American former professional boxer Mike Tyson at the Synergy Global Forum at Moscow’s Olimpiysky Arena. Valery Sharifulin/TASS (Photo by Valery SharifulinTASS via Getty Images)

Caleb Plant ain’t lasting the distance,” he told Badou Jack on his Hotboxin podcast in July.

He’s going to get clocked. He’s going to get so f***** up. With two human beings, anything is possible, but I think this guy [Canelo] is going to f****** kill himWait till Alvarez starts hitting that motherf****** body,” Tyson added.

Caleb Plant clapped back at Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson strongly believes that Caleb Plant simply does not have what it takes to defeat Canelo Alvarez. In another interview with Claressa Shield, he even doubted Plant’s strenght and ability to dance with the p4p king.

If you can’t hurt him, you’re dead. He’s going to walk right through you,” said Tyson.

‘Sweethands’ soon got word of Tyson’s claim and immediately clapped back at the youngest heavyweight champion. The Tennessee native questioned Tyson’s belief by stating he was stronger than Buster Douglas, Lennox Lewis, and Evander Holyfield.

Clearly, ‘Iron’ Mike’s notoriously heavy shots proved to be ineffective against them.

He then added that there is a lot more that goes into a fight than just strength. Plant recalled his last fight to prove that even he can hit hard.


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Yeah, he was saying stuff like he’s too strong for me. But, you know, everyone who knows boxing, who follows boxing, knows that… he was stronger than Buster Douglas, you know, that didn’t help him. It’s because he was determined to win.

“He was stronger than Lennox Lewis, he was stronger than Evander Holyfield, but there’s a lot more to winning a fight than just being stronger than somebody and there’s a lot of factors that go into a fight and not all of it has to do with strength.”

“For any people that think I don’t hit hard, look at that sign up there (points to a poster), Jose Uzcategui, how many times has he been sit on his a**? Again, I can tell you this, I can tell you that but November 6, I can show you better,” said Caleb Plant.


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