Wow! Mike Tyson ‘Guaranteed’ Insane Money for Roy Jones Jr. Fight, Claims Popular TV Celebrity

November 21, 2020 8:23 pm

Mike Tyson, the heavyweight stalwart, will create history when he sets foot against a seasoned Roy Jones Jr. in their upcoming 8-round exhibition battle on November 28th.

Although it is being billed as an ‘exhibition’, Tyson and Jones are looking forward to going all out inside the ring. That said, we can expect some fireworks when the former World Champions finally lock horns.

However, there a lot more than what meets the eye to this bout. Ending a hiatus of 15 long years in the pro circuit, Mike Tyson claims to return for a charitable motive.

His ‘Legends Only League’ venture is aiming to donate the entire profits into various charities and claims it to be a non-profitable event.

The PPV will be aired on BT Sport and, as per reports, the purchase price will cost £19.95. Thus, several fans find it bizarre to believe that Tyson will not bag any financial benefits from the event.

However, Jimmy Kimmel has brought some interesting turns to the tale in his new interview with ‘Iron Mike’ himself. The American talk show host claims that Tyson will receive something around `$10 million, sending fight fans into a frenzy.

$10 MILLION for Mike Tyson?

As per Kimmel, Tyson has been guaranteed an amount of $10 million for his fight against ‘Captain Hook’. However, ‘Iron’ claims to know nothing about it.

Kimmel said, “Some of the proceeds are going for the charity. You are guaranteed 10 million dollars.”

In reply, Tyson responded, “Hey, I know nothing about money yet. I don’t want no money. Take that money that belongs to them.”

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ – JULY 21: Mike Tyson stands in the ring during the fight with Carl Williams at the Convention Center on July 21, 1989 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Tyson defeated Williams in the fifth round with a TKO. (Focus on Sport via Getty Images)

Thus, it’s hard to discover the actual amount that will be handed to Roy Jones and Mike Tyson after the fight. Neither of them has opened up about it, and it seems to be a secret that the whole boxing world wants to know.

Meanwhile, the post-fight reports can verify Kimmel’s statement. Till then, the amount of $10 million is nothing but a mere rumor since Tyson hasn’t clarified it.

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