WOW! Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. Gets a Major Relief From VADA

November 22, 2020 1:24 pm

The upcoming ‘exhibition’ clash amongst Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. will be governed and observed under proper rules of boxing, where drug-testing will also play a pivotal role.

VADA will conduct a clean boxing program to keep up with the spirit of the sport and will pave the way for a clean fight between two veterans. However, a Boxing Scene report suggests that mari**** will not be included in the mix.

54-year-old Mike Tyson is well-known for having his own canna*** unit- ‘Tyson Ranch’ which deliberately produces Mari*** strains from California. Tyson also consumes it quite often in ‘Hotboxing’ podcast. Thus, he clearly has the samples in his body. If mari***** was included by VADA, it could have blocked the matchup.

That said, Tyson won’t have to worry about it now. At 54, Tyson is a habitual mari*** consumer who is looking for a way to get back inside the ring. Meanwhile, he claims himself to be fit and fine. Coming off a 15-year long break in the pro circuit, ‘Iron’ Mike has regained his physique and is excited about entering the ring. While we are less than a week away from the fight, Tyson’s ongoing social media activity continues to garner attention.

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr- A fight for the legacy and title

The former world champions will face each other in an eight-round main-event fight on November 28 at the Staples Center. Each round will consist of 2 minutes and neither fighter will sport headgear. The World Boxing Council (WBC) has also made a special Frontline belt for the event. Thus, the former world champions will be fighting for a title.

Apart from the mega main-event, Tyson vs Jones will have several other matchups on the same night. YouTube sensation Jake Paul will fight former NBA player Nate Robinson in the undercard.

Thus, it will be a complete feast for the fight fans. As we are informed about the ongoing drug testing policies too, it’s just days until we see the ‘Golden Era’ of boxing return.

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