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“Yo Adrian, I Did It”: Sylvester Stallone Leaves Fans Feeling Nostalgic With Boxing Hall of Fame Induction Video

Published 02/24/2023, 10:45 AM EST

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A blue-collar boxer from the streets of  Philly, lost in his life, working for a loan shark to earn some extra bucks, gets a once-in-a-lifetime shot at the heavyweight title. He takes that shot, and the rest is history. The story of Rocky Balboa is not a story of overnight success. Instead, it’s a story of sheer hard work and dedication of a man who works toward achieving greatness when presented with the opportunity. Sylvester Stallone impacted the sport of boxing with his portrayal of ‘Rocky Balboa’, in his famous ‘Rocky’ franchise, which has six films. For many fans,  ‘Rocky’ is why they began watching the sport.

America’s Favorite Video Today

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The franchise now has a sequel, ‘Creed’. Recently, Sylvester Stallone shared an old clip of him being inducted into the boxing hall of fame. Fans could not hold back their emotions after seeing the clip.


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From Apollo Creed to Clubber Lang and Ivan Drago, Rocky Balboa finally conquered the Hall of Fame…

In the clip of Sylvester Stallone’s induction into the hall of fame, the moment Stallone walks up to the mic to speak, the crowd goes berserk and starts shouting “Rocky, Rocky” with all the strength in their chest. This depicts the admiration of the fans for Stallone and his contribution to the film industry and the sport.

In his speech, the actor says, “I have never pretended to be a boxer, But what I think I have done is understand what goes outside the ring. Outside the ring has even bigger struggles than inside the ring.” He further added, “Our life has constant battles, But I truly believe it’s not how hard you can hit; it’s how hard you get hit and keep moving forward.”


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The 76-year-old actor has left a deep-rooted impact on the sport with the ‘Rocky’ franchise. The character of ‘Rocky Balboa’ continues to inspire millions of people who face difficulties in their walk of life. The actor has a life story that is no less than a Hollywood movie.

Fans react to Stallone’s nostalgic clip

da3w63994 remembers the time he was at the hall of fame induction event. He wrote,I was there. What a great speech. Stallone didn’t get in as a fighter, he got in as a contributor to Boxing. He did that and then some.

pugilistspecialist remembered the reaction of the crow when Stallone said his iconic dialogue. He wrote, “I was there, a few rows back from the front! I didn’t get to meet Sly, but it was so awesome to see him, and when he said “Yo Adrian, I did it ‘” the crowd went wild, it was deafening. Goosebumps!

Paulgovier claimed that many professional boxers credited Rocky as the reason why they put on gloves. He wrote,Heard so many professional top-level boxers mention Rocky as why they first put on The gloves”


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celestialman1976 credits Sylvester Stallone as his role model and wrote, What man…what an amazing role model this man is.

Stallone_Argentina wrote, Excellent recognition!!! Inspiration of thousands of boxers showing courage and not giving up!!! Rocky moved the screen and he’s a legend!!!”


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The tale of the ‘Italian Stallion’ is one of the most influential boxing movies ever made. It is safe to say, that Sylvester Stallone has left a beautiful and inspirational impact on the sport. What is your favorite Rocky Balboa moment? Let us know in the comments.

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