“F**k You Floyd!”-Teofimo Lopez Criticizes Floyd Mayweather for His Comments

November 5, 2020 8:04 pm

Teofimo Lopez has hit back at Floyd Mayweather for his comments on the multiple belts in boxing. The 23-year-old has retaliated to the legend of the sport, who said that there’s no such thing as super champions. Lopez himself is a Super-champion after defeating Vasyl Lomachenko in October. It was in light of that fight that Floyd Mayweather made those comments.

Speaking to fellow lightweight contender Rolando Romero on an Instagram livestream, Teofimo Lopez said, “Man F**k Floyd. F**k you Floyd.” The undefeated champion then went on to ask Romero if Floyd was trash-talking him as well.  He said, “He talkin’ shit about you too? Your own damn promoter? F**k that man.”

The fighter then gave Romero a solution for the situation. You could hear him say, “How ‘bout you go on the right side, I go on the left side and we both throw check-hooks at his as*.” Lopez has been very vocal since the fight, calling out fighters as well as speaking about the division. So this is nothing new.

Does Teofimo Lopez really have something against Floyd Mayweather?

Later on in the video, Lopez did confirm that it was all light hearted. He said, “I know bro, I like messin’ around. I know they gonna be posting all this sh*t so, lights up.” However, it still shows that he doesn’t necessarily agree with the comments made by the legend; though it may not involve any bad blood between the two. Floyd has also previously admitted that he has to take his hat off to Lopez for his win against Lomachenko.

Teofimo Lopez is currently nursing an injury he sustained prior to the Lomachenko fight and will be out for a while. This has resulted in the champion making a lot of comments on the recent events in boxing. He even gave his opinion on the Deontay Wilder video and the lightweight division. The boxing community can expect more fiery quotes from the champion in the next few weeks. Especially in the lightweight division which has other outspoken boxers competing at the top of their game.




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