“You’re a Super Nova”: Fans Hail Floyd Mayweather as He Gives Them an Opportunity to Invest in His Possible ‘Multibillion Dollar’ Fitness Brand

Published 12/08/2023, 1:09 PM EST

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Floyd Mayweather, the boxing legend, ventures beyond the ring. This time, it’s not about punches, but profits. Mayweather Fitness, his latest exploit, offers a twist. Imagine investing in a fitness empire, alongside a sports icon. Mayweather, known for his lavish lifestyle, now pitches a business dream. But it’s not just any dream.

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It’s a chance to buy into a potential multibillion-dollar brand. This move isn’t typical for an athlete of his caliber. It’s bold, even for someone nicknamed “Money.” He’s swapping gloves for business plans and rings for boardrooms. The question lingers: Can Mayweather’s Midas touch transform fitness like he did boxing?

Floyd Mayweather’s bold invitation: ‘Join me in building a multibillion-dollar legacy”

Transitioning effortlessly from his iconic boxing persona to an astute business mogul, Floyd Mayweather recently took to Instagram with a captivating proposition. His post boldly captioned “Hit the link in my bio – we’re opening the doors for EVERYONE to acquire a stake in Mayweather Fitness!”, heralds a new era in his illustrious career.

In his own words, “Over the last few years, I’ve been working with my amazing team to build Mayweather Fitness into a huge success. Now you can be a part of that journey by becoming an investor and building your own business legacy together with me.” This statement not only underscores his entrepreneurial spirit but also extends an unprecedented opportunity to his global fanbase.

Fans rally behind Floyd Mayweather

Seizing Mayweather’s invitation, fans quickly flooded social media with reactions ranging from excitement to admiration. One fan led the charge, expressing his support enthusiastically: “I did it.” This sentiment of taking immediate action echoes the proactive spirit Mayweather inspires.

Another fan chimed in with a nod to Mayweather’s relentless pursuit of success, remarking, “The money never sleeps.” This comment highlights the continuous hustle that defines both Mayweather’s career and his latest business venture. Another user offered a more reflective response, recognizing Mayweather’s influence beyond the boxing ring: “Always trying to build others up. You’re a super Nova.

One fan directly reached out to Mayweather, sharing a personal aspiration: “@floydmayweather I wanna be part of your gym.” This response illustrates the direct connection and sense of belonging Mayweather’s fans feel towards his endeavors.

Finally, one fan applauded Mayweather’s strategic acumen: “Excellent Floyd and congratulations on having the best Brand Marketing Team in the world.” This acknowledges the careful planning and expertise behind Mayweather’s transition from sports legend to business leader.

Collectively, these reactions paint a picture of a community rallying behind Mayweather’s vision, ready to embrace the business world just as they did the boxing ring. If given the chance, would you seize the opportunity to be part of Mayweather’s business journey?

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