“You’re Going to Drown” – Joe Joyce’s Manager Sends Stern Warning to Daniel Dubois

November 20, 2020 2:33 pm

 Sam Jones, who is the manager of Joe Joyce, has given a warning to Daniel Dubois ahead of their fight. The eccentric young manager did not hold back when questioning Daniel Dubois’ opponents’ pedigree. The two will meet in the ring for an exciting heavyweight clash, which many feel will decide who gets a title shot first. Since both are explosive fighters and fairly subdued characters, the entertainment came from Joyce’s manager.

LONDON, ENGLAND – FEBRUARY 07: Daniel Dubois (L) and Joe Joyce (R) clash as Frank Warren attempts to break them up during the Daniel Dubois v Joe Joyce Press Conference at the BT Tower on February 07, 2020 in London, England. (Photo by Alex Davidson/Getty Images)

In the pre-fight “Gloves Off” discussion, Jones questioned Dubois on who he has fought in his career so far. He said, “You’ve never been in a serious fight in your life, ever. Amateur or pro.”

He disapproved of all the replies and suggested that the Englishman has in fact fought tough fighters. He said that the fact that Daniel Dubois has fought no one of note will be the difference in the fight against Joe Joyce.

The manager did not stop there and explained why Joyce could beat Daniel Dubois. He said, “Joe’s record… All winning records. From the outset, winning records. And it’s gonna, it’s gonna tell. You’ve not given him that middle fight.”

He suggested that the ‘Juggernaut’ could use his experience in those fights to his advantage. He also said, “He needed a Brian Jennings. He needed a Bryant Jennings in his life. And you’re going to drown.”

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Why does Sam Jones think Daniel Dubois needed a Bryant Jennings fight before Joe Joyce

Many believe that Daniel Dubois is the next big thing in heavyweight boxing. However, it is true that he has fought no one with a good pedigree. So this feels like a jump from the lower-end fighters to the high-end fighters. Joe Joyce had a fight against Bryant Jennings, which many considered a test to see if he could cut it at the top. And he passed with flying colors.

Either way, this fight promises to be a cracking fight. It could give us the fight of the year, provided both fighters turn up at 100%. Do you think Daniel Dubois is taking this fight too soon in his career?

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