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YouTuber KSI Makes Absurd Claims Amid Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Rumors

YouTuber KSI Makes Absurd Claims Amid Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Rumors

Olajide William Olatunji aka KSI believes that he can vanquish former heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson, if they were to square off in the ring anytime soon. Mike Tyson, double his age, is looking to get back inside the boxing ring against Roy Jones Jr. on November 28th.

That said, Tyson has hinted at accepting more fights after he gets past ‘Captain Hook’. It is no surprise that facing Mike Tyson can bring superstardom and a lucrative paycheck for anyone. It would also mean so much for one’s legacy in the sport.

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Thus, KSI has recently expressed a deep desire to face Tyson in the future. Boasting of a pro record of 1-0, KSI overpowered Logan Paul on his pro-debut in 2019. However, he hasn’t bagged any other fight since then.

Meanwhile, Logan Paul is rumored to go up against Floyd Mayweather shortly. So we know where KSI’s desire to face ‘Iron’ Mike comes from.

YouTuber KSI and Mike Tyson- A bizarre yet interesting pair inside the squared circle

Talk-Sports’ Michael Benson has recently turned to Twitter to confirm KSI’s interest in Tyson. The YouTube sensation has grandly said that he can defeat the former champion since he himself is undefeated in the sport.

Now, KSI is just a fight old, and he has only bested another YouTuber who doesn’t have any roots in boxing. Unsurprisingly, KSI’s claims might not make sense to a lot of hardcore fans. However, being much younger to Tyson, KSI believes that he can still create history.

Claiming to overpower ‘Iron’ Mike, KSI said, “I actually could though, I actually could. I’m undefeated, no-one has beaten me… The reason why? Age is on my side.”

If Tyson were to step into the ring to take on the untested YouTuber a first round KO is not a tall ask. However, for the time being, Tyson has his eyes trained on Roy Jones Jr.


The former world champions will face each other in an eight round-exhibition fight on November 28 in California, Los Angeles. After the event, Tyson can sit down and chalk out some potential opponents for the future, perhaps including KSI.

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