Donald Trump Uses Muhammad Ali, Tom Brady, and George Foreman Examples to Prove His Point

Published 07/25/2023, 9:15 AM EDT

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‘Age is just a number,’ and Donald Trump makes a case for it. The former president of the United States of America is a fan of combat sports through and through. Back in the early 2000s, MMA, specifically UFC, had garnered negative attention for being ‘too violent’. However, Trump was captivated by combat sports and had foreseen the organization having potential. Despite athletic commissions showcasing disdain at UFC, he was adamant and hosted several UFC events at his ‘Taj Mahal Hotel.’ Two decades later, UFC is one of the leading sports leagues. However, Trump’s passion for combat sports has been constant.

Not only is he a vehement fight fan but also an opinionated one. During a recent interview with UFC, Trump alongside Jim Norton and Matt Serra, discussed a great lot about the sport. Amongst other things, they dwelled on age being a factor in determining an athlete’s career span. Contrary to what many would suggest, Trump advances the argument that age only has a toll on an athlete’s body to a certain extent. However, he acknowledges that age and time might play a role to abate one’s motivation to compete. To substantiate his claim, the businessman turned politician cites the example of Muhammad AliTom Brady, and George Foreman. The analysis of Trump is quite unique and intriguing, so let’s take a dive into his opinion.

Does aging abate an athlete’s performance? Donald Trump weighs in


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The conversation was ignited after Jim Norton, an American Comedian, used the example of George Foreman. The former Heavyweight champion was dethroned by Muhammad Ali in 1974. However, Foreman’s resilience is something to behold. He continued to compete and at the age of 45, Foreman regained the title by defeating Michael Moorer.

Reflecting on the same, Norton stated, “When Ali lost to Holmes, as he was 38, he looked like he was very old and then foreman comes in at 38, and starts his career over again and 45 wins the title. It’s kind of amazing to watch older guys do what these guys have done.”

Donald Trump responded by citing an example of his own. Back in 2022, NFL legend, Tom Brady announced his retirement. However, his retirement was short-lived as he returned to competition. It was just as good as he was before retirement. Using his example, Trump stated, “If you look at Tom Brady he came in at a certain age, and everyone said well that’s not going to work. You’re seeing a lot in your sport.”


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In addition, Trump asserts that age does not abate one’s competency physically but rather mentally. He adds, “I think physically you’re the same maybe in some ways stronger and better, you don’t have the same motivation to do it. You want success but you don’t want to work quite as hard.”

Whether or not one agrees with Trump, it is safe to say that the former president of United States of America is a sports fan. Meanwhile, how about you share your opinions about age as a factor in determining the lifespan of an athlete? In addition, share with us your thoughts about Trump’s argument in the comments below.


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